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Guest Host - *Dave Wilson
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04-02-99 Al Duncan. Author, The Master Plan. An excellent novel for_______ someone who wants to understand the world condition without doing a lot of heavy reading. 04-02-99 Dr. Joseph Banister. Special agent for the criminal _______ division of the IRS. Do we really have a voluntary income tax? 04-05-99 Edward Haslan. Author, "Mary, Ferrie, and the Monkey ______@ Virus". Genetic engineering of viruses. 04-06-99 Holly Swanson. Author Set Up and Sold Out. The Green _______ Movement - its insidious encroachment on our freedoms. 04-07-99 Dr. James Hirsen. Author Government by Decree and The _______ Coming Collision. The importance of The Declaration of Independence.(TOM) 04-08-99 Tom DeWeese. An update on environmentalism. _______ 04-08-99 Constance Cumbey. Kosovo, and the part that NATO's Javier _______ Solana plays. 04-08-99 Constance Cumbey. Y2K and the occult. _______ 04-09-99 Dr. Russell Blaylock. Author, Excitotoxins:The Taste That _______ Kills. The use of prisoners of war for experimentation - medical, nuclear, etc.(TOM) 04-09-99 Pastor Thomas Horn. Author The Gods That Walk Among Us. _______ The continuing influence of pagan gods and goddesses in our current society. 04-13-99 Col. Tom McKenney. Operation Tailwind. _______ 04-13-99 Dr. Gerald Atkinson. The quicksand of Kosovo.(TOM) _______ 04-14-99 Pastor John Weaver. Why Christians must be involved _______ citizens. 04-14-99 Alex Jones. Important information on Urban Warrior ______@ exercises. 04-15-99 Col. Ron Ray. What our involvement in Kosovo really means._______ 04-16-99 Brad Phillips. His trip with Peter Hammond (Frontline _______ Fellowship) into the Sudan where he witnessed the Christian persecution firsthand. 04-16-99 Dr. John DeTar. The new Nevada legislation that encourages_______ euthanasia. 04-19-99 Dr. Barry Norris. Rumors vs. truth about Kosovo. ______@ 04-21-99 Lisa Dean. Free Congress Foundation. Privacy is dead - _______ from the use of our drivers license to photo identification in banks. 04-21-99 Dr. James Hirsen. Kosovo - the legal implications of _______ NATO's involvement. 04-21-99 Will Thomas. Have you been noticing a difference in, and _______ an increase of, contrails lately? What does it mean? Is there a health hazard? 04-22-99 Sam Paredes. Gun Owners of California. The move toward gun______@ confiscation. 04-23-99 *Vaughn Shatzer. Education has declined over the years. You_______ will be surprised! 04-26-99 Stephen Mosher. The worldwide push toward population _______ control.(TOM) 04-26-99 Pat Cooksey. Founder, "True Blue". Excellent ideas for ______@ contacting your legislators and why you should do it. You can reach her at:800-777-8127 04-28-99 Dean Gotcher. How the education system is being _______ undermined. Great resource. 04-28-99 Dr. Joseph Douglas. What happened to the men left behind _______ in Korea & Vietnam.

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