April 1997 Tapes Available
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* Host - Dave Wilson ^ Host - Dick Tennesen #Host - Joan Peros +Host - Barry Norris
  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
04/01/97   Ardys Jones - Project 10. It Hasn't Gone Away. Is it        _______
           Coming to Your Community's Schools?   (2 hrs)
04/02/97   Prof. James Jones. Author, "Bad Blood". The Incredible      _______ 
           Story of the Tuskegee Study. Do You Think an Apology Was 
           Too Little Too Late?
04/07/97   Mr. Shepherd & Dr. Michael Levine. Vaccines: Safety &       _______ 
04/07/97   Dr. Hugh Ross. Scientific Proof For the Evidence of God.    _______
04/09/97   John McManus. Editor of The New American. An Overview of    _______
           What's Going on in Washington. Newt Gingrich and New 
04/09/97   Pastor James Patrick. Why We Should be Concerned About OBE. _______
04/09/97   Pastor Patrick for 1/2 Hour, Then Dr. Stan Talking About    _______
           the Tuskegee	Study.
04/10/97   Joan Peros. Reporting on the Rio Plus 5 Conference That She _______
           Attended. Find Out What They're Planning Behind Our Backs to 
           Control Us.
04/10/97   Fr. Malachi Martin. World-Renowned Author & Jesuit Priest   _______
           Who Worked in the Vatican.  The Satanic Influence on World Religions.
04/11/97   Monica Stephenson. Author,"Spite House". The True Story of  _______
           the American	Assassination Teams Sent Into Vietnam - to 
           Kill American Soldiers!
04/11/97   Dr. Floy Lilley -  The Increasing Control Over Our Property _______
           by the U.N.
04/14/97   David Icke. The Encroaching One-World Government. It Isn't  _______
           Going Away.	
04/15/97   Samantha Smith. Author,"Trojan Horse". Witchcraft.          _______
04/16/97   Ralph Epperson. Author,"A Review of The Book Entitled       _______ 
           Morals & Dogma". The Main Points of  Masonry - With Page References.
04/17/97   Dr. Peter Joseph. The Gas Additive, MTBE. Your Health vs.   _______
           The Environment.
04/18/97   Karen Bixman. More on the Concentration Camps. Evidence     _______
           Points to Their Existence. 
04/21/97   Marshal Foster. America's Christian Heritage. What Happened _______
           to It?	
04/22/97   Richard Terrell. Author,"Resurrection of The Third Reich".  _______
04/22/97   Carl Lawrence. Author,"The Coming Influence of China". The  _______
           Increase in China's Power, and the Persecution of Christians 
           by the Communists.
04/22/97   John Loeffler Taped Interview with Avi Lipkin. Israel & The _______
           Question of Peace.
04/23/97   Henry Lamb.  Christian Environmentalism.                    _______
04/25/97  ^Ed Decker. Author, and Founder of "Saints Alive". Discusses _______
           Mormonism & Cults. (Starts Part Way Into Tape 1 and Completes 
           Beginning Tape 2) Interesting Commentary by Host. Includes 
           recordings of the song, "Forty Brave Soldiers for Jesus". (The 
           1st Recording of the Song is Not the Best, But The 2nd is Better) 
           One of the Most Moving Songs You Will Ever Hear.  (2 hrs)  
04/28/97  *Taped Interview of Benjamin Netanyahu by Zola Levitt.       _______
04/30/97   Dr. Bill Cheney. Entomologist from UCSC. The Honey Bee vs   _______
           The Varroa Mite. What Does the Future Hold? If You Are 
           Fortunate Enough to Still Have Plenty of Honey Bees - Take 
           Care of Them. 		 	  

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