April 1998 Tapes Available
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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
04/02/98   Ruth Dolan. Euthanasia. The Danger of Living Wills.         _______
04/02/98   Jeannie Soderman.  Global Biodiversity. It's later than you _______
04/03/98   Holly Swanson. Author,"Set Up and Sold Out". The force      _______
           behind the Green Party and the environmental movement. 2 Tapes
04/06/98   Cathy Duffy. The many new methods of home schooling, esp.   _______
           via television 	that can provide an excellent education.
04/07/98   Steve Quayle. An analysis of the dangers from biological and_______
           chemical warfare.  2 Tapes
04/08/98   Andre Kole. Author,"Mind Games". Exposing magic tricks and  _______
           psychic phenomena in the media and on the stage. 
04/08/98   Charles Phillips. Producer,"The War Dragon". The political  _______
           threat to America and why Christians need to be aware and involved.
04/13/98   Dr. Mark Shiller. Association of American Physicians and    _______
           Surgeons. The state of medical care in America and the case for 
           medical savings accounts.
04/14/98   Karen Holgate. Newest information on the status of          _______
           education,  and Tom DeWeese. The latest on the environmental 
           movement. All on one tape.
04/14/98   John Weldon. Renowned author of theological studies. Talking_______
           about the various books on the Bible Codes. Be discerning.  
04/14/98   Rep. Charles Key. The current status of the grand jury      _______
           hearings on the Oklahoma City bombings that you are not hearing 
           in the regular media.
04/16/98   Dr. Cary Savitch. Author,"The Nutcracker is Already         _______
           Dancing". A practicing physician's inside look at HIV, AIDS, and 
           drug-resistant TB.
04/17/98   Vaughn Shatzer. Producer, video,"The New World Disorder".   _______
           Going into the background of the causes of the coming New World 
           Order. Covers many of the books carried by Radio Liberty.
04/23/98   Larry Nichols. New developments in the latest Clinton       _______
04/23/98   John Clark. Attorney for Patrick Knowlton, unsuspecting     _______
           witness to some of the events surrounding the Vince Foster "suicide".
04/24/98   Craig Roberts. Author,"Medusa File". Talking about Operation_______
           Paper Clip - the story of the Nazi war criminals that 
           were allowed into America with the help of the OSS.
04/24/98   Ted Gunderson. Cults and Satanic ritual abuse in America.   _______
           The Franklin Cover-Up. Multiple related topics. 2 Tapes
04/27/98   Judith Reisman. Author,"Kinsey, Crime, and Politics".       _______
           Exposes the real background of the Kinsey Report, the terrible 
           experiments done on children in the name of sexual freedom 
           and enlightenment.
04/27/98   Dr. Eugene Schroder. A two-hour program on the history and  _______
           understanding of The War Powers Act and how it affects what 
           happens today, esp. the enacting of the Executive Orders. An 
           excellent resource. 2 Tapes
04/28/98   Dr. Edgar Bundy. Communist infiltration of our churches.    _______
           2 Tapes.

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