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9/11 Update
Aleister Crowley and His Friends - CD
Alzheimer's Disease - CD
American Armageddon
Aspartame and MSG: The Taste That Kills - CD
Attack on America
Autism - CD
The Bilderbergers - CD
The Burzynski Cover-up - CD
The Changing Church - CD
Chemtrails Update 2005 - CD
China - CD
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - CD
Civil Defense Preparation - CD
The Coming Dictatorship - Update 2009 - CD
Concentration Camps in America? - CD
Constance Cumbey - Part I: The Aquarian Conspiracy - CD
Countdown to Armageddon: Part One - CD
Dangerous Radiation - CD
Dark Awakening - CD
Deadly Assassins - CD
The Death Of Robert F. Kennedy - CD
Did Hitler Escape? - CD
Economic Hit Men - CD
EMP Attack: Would It End Western Civilization? - CD
The Execution of Martin Luther King, Jr. - The Untold Story - CD
"The Family" Secrets - CD
Financial Armageddon - CD

Fluoride Update 2005
Genetically Modified Foods
Genocide plus Population Control Monograph. - CD
Geoengineering - CD
Grow Healthy Food - CD
- CD
HPV Vaccine: Is It Safe? - CD
The Illuminati: The Untold Story - Part One - CD
The Illuminati: The Untold Story - Part Two - CD
Iodine - CD
ISLAM: Religion of Doom - CD
The JFK Assassination
JFK Assassination Update
Korean Flight 007 - CD
The Last Pope? - CD
Life-Saving Health Secrets - CD
Lyme Disease
The Masonic Symbols on the One Dollar Bill and Their Occult Significance - CD

Masonry: Behind the Light - CD
Medical Analysis 2006: Dr. Russell Blaylock - CD
The Men We Left Behind
- CD
Mercury Toxicity
Mercury Update 2005
The Military Commissions Act - CD
Mind Control
Musical Madness
The New Order of the Barbarians - CD
The North American Community: The Demise of National Sovereignty
Occupy Wall Street - CD
The Oil Deception - CD
O.J. Simpson
Only One Returned: The Story of Bobby Garwood - CD
Operation Paperclip
The Origins of Chronic Fatigue -CFIDS- - CD
The Pagan Agenda
Population Control - CD     plus Population Control Monograph.
Prozac and Other SSRI Drugs: Panacea or Plague? - CD
RBGH and Genetically Modified Food - CD
Return of the Giants - CD
Ritalin - CD
Satanic Crimes - CD
Satanism and Deliverance
The Secret Agenda of Freemasonry - CD
The Secret Behind The Secret - CD
Secret History of The American Empire - CD
The Secret of the Bohemian Grove - CD
The Secret Government - CD
Secrets of Skull and Bones - CD
Secret Societies
- CD
Smart Meters - CD
SOY: Is It Safe And Nutritious? - CD
Spychips - CD
Statin Drugs - CD
The Supernatural
Sustainable Development - CD
The Swine Flu Epidemic - CD
Threat of Islam - CD
The Tuskegee Study
TWA Flight 800 - CD

Vaccine Update: 2009 - CD
Vietnam: The Untold Story - CD
Vitamin C - CD
Waco: Update 2000
Weather Modification - CD
What Ever Happened To HELL? - CD
What Happened on 9/11? - CD
Why Did the Buildings Collapse? - CD
Why Do We Still Have Cancer? - CD

Where is the Ark of the Covenant?
The Wisdom of Malachi Martin - CD

"Professor Carroll Quigley" : This is an interview with Bill Clinton's mentor, Professor Carroll Quigley, telling about secret societies and how the plates to his book, Tragedy & Hope, were destroyed by his publisher. (two 60-min tapes) ($10.00) * Included in the Secret Government 4-tape set *
"Population Control" : This is a speech given by Dr. Stanley Monteith which reveals the story of the forces behind world population control. Abortion, euthanasia, disease, and wars have been utilized during this century to reduce the world's population. Incredible? Documentation is provided in both the tape, and in the attached enclosure which documents the "secret plan for the guides". (one 60-min tape) ($10.00) * Included in the Population Control 4-tape set *
"Geopolitics" : Deals with the hidden cause of war, famine, disease, and the AIDS epidemic. This speech, given by Dr. Monteith, outlines previously unrevealed information as to the origins of our current crisis. (one 90-min tape) ($10.00) * Included in the Secret Government 4-tape set *
"Thought Control in America" : A one-hour discussion of the techniques of thought control used in television, newspapers, and magazines. This tape covers who is behind the propaganda and their hidden agenda. (one 60-min tape) ($10.00) * Included in the Mind Control 4-tape set *
"Norman Dodd - The Enemy Within" : This is an interview with Norman Dodd who was the director of research for the Reece Committee investigation which looked into the great tax-exempt foundations. (one 60-min tape) ($10.00) * Included in the Secret Government 4-tape set *
"Secret Societies" : The story of Cecil John Rhodes and his 100-year plan to establish a world government under the control of an Anglo-Saxon elite. The story traces the formation of the Rhodes secret society and the part that it played in creating the wars of the first half of the twentieth century. A bibliography accompanies the tape which will allow you to document the claims made. (one 60-min tape) ($10.00) * Included in the Secret Societies 4-tape set *
"The Devil's Heartbeat" Listening to this recording is an unforgettable experience. It is a 90-minute audio tape which includes a 60-minute talk delivered by Reverend Leslie Millen who lived in China at the time of the Communist take-over. The similarities between what happened in China in 1949 and what is happening in the United States today is striking. In addition, this tape explains the facts surrounding China's betrayal to Communism, and the part played by members of the Council on Foreign Relations in that treachery. Single copies of the tape are available for $5.50 plus $1.75 shipping.

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