August 1997 Tapes Available
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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
8/01/97   Dr. Fred Singer    The Truth About Global Warming.           _______
8/04/97   Peter Marshall. Author,"The Light & The Glory". America's    _______
          Christian Foundation.
8/04/97   Ruth Dolan - Euthanasia-Especially as it Now Applies to Older_______
          People in America.
8/05/97   John Harris. Abstinence-based Education in The Face of AIDS. _______
          That Vaccine They're Talking About is Not Fool-proof.
8/06/97   Terry Cook - The Mark of The New World Order. Watch Out For  _______
          The Signs.
8/07/97   Cliff Kincaid - Author,"Global Taxes for World Government".  _______
          The Story of The United Nations' Quest for Millions of American 
          Taxpayer Dollars for Global Programs. A Vote in Washington Last 
          Week Brought us Closer!
8/08/97   Tom DeWeese - American Policy Center - Wild Rivers Heritage  _______
          Act. More on the Move to Get The United Nations in Charge of 
          American National Parks!
8/13/97   Dave Wegener - "Hope for America". The Apostate Church, The  _______
          Threat of Concentration Camps in America. We Need to Get Back 
          to Our Roots.
8/13/97  ^Judy Madsen Johnson - The True Majority. The Ongoing Fight   _______
          Against Pro-Abortionists.
8/13/97   Marvin Sprouse - Author,"Confessions of a Conspiracy Nut".   _______
          A Christian Response to The New World Order. An Information
          Packed 2 Hours.
8/14/97  ^Col. Heath Bottomly. Author,"Prodigal Father". WWII Fighter  _______
          Pilot Puts His Military Training to Use Helping Teenagers Learn 
          to Depend on God & Each Other For Survival in Treks Through 
          the Wilderness.	
8/15/97   Lorraine Day, M.D. Talking About Her Video, "You Can't       _______
          Improve on God". Talking About How Her Change in Diet 
          Helped Cure Her of Advanced Breast Cancer. Anyone Can do It.
8/18/97   Larry Nichols. What Happens When a Liberal Reporter Takes on _______
          a Conservative Issue - Namely, the Death of Vince Foster - 
          Finds That The Clues and The Reports Just Don't Add Up, 
          and Starts to Investigate For Himself..
8/20/97   Sherry Richard. Talking About Her Video,"Ultrasound". It's a _______
          Baby! The Story of One Woman Who Found Out The Truth Too Late.
8/21/97   Angie Carlson - DataSource. Updated Information on Conditions_______
          in Africa - Disease, Famine & Destruction. It's Far Away, But it 
          Affects Us.
8/21/97   Ed Griffin. Author, 'World Without Cancer". The Story of B17,_______
          Laetrile, and More.
8/25/97   Dr. Garth Nicholson. He Continues to Study The Gulf War      _______
          Syndrome. Some People Are Finally Starting to Get Help.
8/26/97   Joyce Riley. She Continues Her Fight For Our Gulf War        _______  
          Veterans Who Fought For Our Country and Are Now Being 
          Abandoned By It - Again..
8/27/97   Chip Tatum. A Man Who Was Part of The Inner Circle of        _______
          Espionage Until He Was Asked To Do Something He Could Not, 
          And The Price He Paid for Not Doing It. Covers American Gov't 
          Drug Trafficking Involvement by George Bush and Yes, Oliver North. 
          Also, The Murder of William Colby.
8/28/97   Dr. James Wardner. Author,"Unholy Alliances". A Fascinating  _______
          Interchange on The Planned Destruction of America - and - Ancient 
          Mystery Religions.

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