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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
08/03/98   Cathy Fosmark. The destruction of the fishing industry -    _______
           esp. in the Monterey Bay Area. Find out who is behind this effort.
08/04/98   John Toth, M.D. The practicality of alternative medicine.   _______
08/05/98   Alan Stang. The danger from open immigration.               _______
08/05/98   Alan Stang. Cuba:Why Democrats want to get rid of President _______
08/06/98   Dr. Arthur Robinson. Global Warming? 17,000 Scientists      _______
           think not!
08/06/98   Joan Veon. Int'l Criminal Court - the open door that makes  _______
           everyone a criminal?  
08/06/98   Rose Morgan. Find out little-known information about gold   _______
           from an expert.
08/07/98   Dr. Michael Coffman. Environmentalism:The Global            _______
           Biodiversity Assessment Treaty.
08/07/98   Lawrence Roberge. RU486:The side effects they don't tell you_______
08/07/98   Bill Jasper. Report from the Int'l Criminal Court - and     _______
           update on the Oklahoma City Bombing.	
08/10/98   Balint Vazsonyi. Communist influence on the U.S. today.     _______
08/11/98  *Pastor Dan Little. The Landmark Church. Stand up and be     _______
           counted, Christians! 
08/12/98   Paul Fisher. Author, "Behind the Lodge Door". The influence _______ 
           of Masonry on our government.
08/12/98   Orlene Koehle. The Y2K problem - you need to find out what  _______
           its about.
08/14/98   Henry Lamb. President, ECO. The spiritual aspect of         _______
08/17/98   Celerino Castillo. Author, "Powder Burns". His life in the  _______
           DEA. The CIA and drugs, Oliver North, George Bush, and the Contras.
08/19/98   Chet Seapy. Missionary to Caracas, Venezuela. First-hand    _______
           information about what is going on in that country from someone  
           who has lived there for several years..
08/21/98   David Riddenour. National Center for Public Policy Research._______
           Did you know that nature is more important than you are?
08/21/98   Susan Madori. Write for America. Talking about Executive    _______
           Orders and how to contact your legislative representative 
           with your concerns.
08/24/98   Dr. Lorraine Day. How to cure depression without medications_______
08/25/98   Jim Tuite. The chemical component of the Gulf War Syndrome. _______
08/25/98   Dr. Garth Nicholson. The infectious component of the Gulf   _______
           War Syndrome.	
08/26/98   Perry Pendley. Mountain Legal Foundation. Author,"War on the_______
           West". More documentation that nature is more important than 
           human life.
08/26/98   Constance Cumbey. Author,"Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow".   _______
           The occult influence in the church continues to rise.
08/31/98   Dr. Peter Jones. Author,"Spirit Wars". The influence of the _______
           occult on the U.S. culture.

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