August 1999 Tapes Available
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08-09-99 Hoppy Heidelberg. New information on the Oklahoma City _______ bombing. 08-11-99 Senator Dick Mountjoy. MTBE & Smog Check II. They're going_______ to get your cars! 08-11-99 Devvy Kidd. The electoral process and voter fraud. How you______@ can stop it. 08-12-99 Lisa Dean. How government probes into your private life. _______ Their future plans. 08-13-99 Sandee Beckers. You are in danger of losing parental _______ control of your children. Find out what the "health classes" and psychological "testing" are all about. 08-13-99 Pat Matrisciana. What happens when one courageous man sets_______ out to tell Americans the truth about government cover-ups. The story of the lawsuit surrounding the video Obstruction of Justice. (TOM) 08-16-99 Berit Kjos. The phenomenon of Pokemon. How young children _______ are being drawn into the occult by a seemingly harmless game.(TOM) 08-17-99 Ron Wilson. Wise money management in difficult times. _______ Up-to-date information. 08-18-99 Pastor Thomas Horn. The Gods That Walk Among Us. Warning _______ about the increase of end-time paganism and idolatry moving us toward Armageddon. 08-18-99 Gary Shannon. The pro's and con's of the use of physical _______ restraints on patients. 08-19-99 Col. Ron Ray. The folly of the transfer of wealth and _______ military knowledge to China. 08-19-99 Ron Almond. What happened in Hawaii when a hurricane left _______ the people without power and other utilities for three months. A thought-provoking story in light of the imminence of Y2K. 08-19-99 Karen Schumacher. Vaccines:panacea or plague? You must _______ decide. 08-20-99 Pam Schuffert. Author, "Premonition of an American _______ Holocaust." Warnings of coming internment of politically incorrect and Christian Americans. Should we be concerned? You will have to judge for yourself after listening. 08-20-99 Vaughn Shatzer. How American education is preparing _______ children for the NWO. 08-20-99 Cathy Fosmark. The destruction of the fishing industry to _______ "save the environment." 08-23-99 Henry Lamb. The use of environmentalism to change society._______ 08-24-99 *Terry James. Editor of "Foreshadows of Wrath & _______ Redemption," a compilation of treatises by well-known authors on one-world religion, the mark of the beast, the ten-king kingdom, and more. Hear why you should read this fascinating book. 08-24-99 Dr. Anne Blake Tracy. The dangers of Prozac and why you _______ should not take it. 08-24-99 Jeff Nyquist. The threat of a coming third world war. _______ 08-25-99 Ellen Gunderson Traylor. Have you ever thought about how _______ they will find the priest for the new temple? Part of her great book "The Priest" deals with this. 08-25-99 Brenda Watson. Nutrition and gastric reflux disease. The _______ importance of fatty acids. 08-26-99 Dr. James Hirsen. Manipulation of justice by executive _______ orders. (TOM) 08-30-99 Mike Gendron. How the "Gushy Gospel" is deceiving _______ "Christians." (TOM) 08-31-99 Dr. Kent Hovind. How to confirm creation and refute the _______ theory of evolution. 08-31-99 Vicky Brady. The importance of home schooling your _______ children in the light of the Columbine High School tragedy.

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