"A Prophecy of the Future of America" by Paul McGuire

This book by Paul McGuire contains vital information about what is coming soon to America. "My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge!
You are not supposed to be a victim. God has given you the Keys of the Kingdom and you are supposed to use them. God's prophetic plan will unfold exactly as He planned it. But, within that framework we can change the path of history by praying, fasting, evangelism, repenting and truly seeking the face of God. In this book, Paul McGuire shares what is coming upon America in the near future. But, God is Sovereign and we have been told to, "Occupy until I come." This is not Christian Reconstructionism! We have been given the divine opportunity of pushing back the forces of darkness while the church is her on earth! We are entering the greatest cosmic battle since the beginning of mankind, when the Luciferian elite are rising in their revolution against God. We must remember, God has not given us a Spirit of Fear, but of power, love and a sound mind! When we stop elevating the ideas of men as having the same stature as God's Word, we will see the beginning. But, let us not deceive ourselves, the same idolatry, immorality and deception is operating in America, as it was in ancient Israel and judgment begins in the house of the Lord! The moment we repent and stop playing church, is the moment we will see the power of God!

410 pages ($27.95)

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