"By Stealth And Deception" by Orlean Koehle

By Stealth and Deception tells of the clandestine transformation of the USA that has been taking place over many years, moving the United States closer to a socialist regime under a more powerful federal, regional, and eventually world government.

By Stealth and Deception reveals how the transformation of the USA is being done, behind closed doors, similar to how the European Union was formed. In Europe, the majority of the elected officials and the people were lied to. They had no idea an all-powerful union was being formed until it was a done deal.

This book also tells—with many quotes coming from their own mouths—who the various powerful elitists are behind regional and world government and the devious tactics being used to bring about their plans for total world dominance and control, not only of governments, but of the world's media, economy, industry, resources, property, and religions.

However, the book also has a chapter on hope and what has been done and what we can still do to try to stop the total USA transformation before it is too late.

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