Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam - Brian Sussman

Climategate is the light shining on the darkness of the Global Warming Scam.

Dangerous winds are blowing across America's culture today, creating an atmosphere of extreme anxiety.
So why is the government making things worse?
Former TV meteorologist turned talk show host Brian Sussman wondered that for years, and a decade's worth of investigation has yielded one of the most shocking stories of our time. In CLIMATEGATE, Sussman uncovers the following:

• Communist founders Marx and Engels drafted the inspiration that drives today's environmentalist leaders.
• Despite rigorous government-sponsored efforts to alter the record, past climate was significantly warmer than today.
• Though only a miniscule sliver of earth's atmosphere, carbon dioxide is an essential nutrient for life and, when increased, can prove quite beneficial.
• Barack Obama's presidency is a dream come true for those seeking to use the environment to destroy the United States.
• Global warming is a convenient theory that is allowing venture capitalists, international bankers and multi-national corporations to reap billions—and fellow travelers to imagine a one-world government.
• Al Gore's Oscar-winning film should be considered a work of fiction.
• Government agencies, elitist politicians and environmentalists are working together to block the expansion of both alternative and traditional energy resources.
• The United Nation's policies have worked their way directly into U.S. environmental laws.
• The recently leaked e-mails from Great Britain's climate center are further confirmation of a years-long, complex cover-up.
• Updating the nation's energy grid is designed to bring Big Brother inside your home.

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