"Common Core: A Trojan Horse For Education Reform" by Orlean Koehle

"It is important for parents to understand the deception and dangers of the federal curriculum called Common Core. I highly recommend Orlean Koehle's book for explaining what is behind the deception. " Phyllis Schlafly, attorney, author, National President and Founder of Eagle Forum and the monthly periodical Education Reporter

"This book helps parents cut through the edu-talk and the political spin behind the national curriculum. It also exposes how Common Core is the vehicle designed for the longitudinal data collecting system of both students and teachers." Gretchen Logue, Mother, Writer, Editor of Missouri Education Watchdog.

"This book details how elitists and special interests have systematically excluded the American people from wide swaths of education policy-making. It is an essential read for defenders of the Constitution and the founders' vision of citizen-directed government." Emmett J. McGroarty, Attorney, Director of the American Principles Project, Washington, DC.

"Common Core is the Federal Government takeover of the core standards that control the curriculum in the schools. This book will help parents understand what Common Core is and give them the necessary knowledge to protect their children from the invasive snooping and dumbing down of children in the public schools. Our children are not common. They are not all the same. Parents must do all they can to stop Common Core in their state." Gayle Ruzicka, State President Utah Eagle Forum; A Founding Leader of Utahns Against Common Core.com; Mother of twelve children.

Includes a CD of Orlean Koehle speaking at the 2012 Radio Liberty Conference. (60 min)
183 pages ($18.95)

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