Countdown to Crisis - Kenneth R. Timmerman
In his chilling new book, New York Times bestselling author Kenneth R. Timmerman blows the lid off the greatest threat America faces: a nuclear-armed Iran that is closely allied with international terrorists—and bent on destroying us.
Using his exclusive access to previously classified documents, Iranian defectors and officials, and high-level sources in the U.S. government and intelligence community, Timmerman reveals that the Iranian nuclear program is far more advanced than we've feared. Countdown to Crisis also uncovers the Iranian Islamist regime's extensive—and ongoing—support for Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. Perhaps most frightening, Timmerman documents how our intelligence community's arrogance, incompetence, and willful blindness have repeatedly kept us from dealing with the Iranian threat.
And now it could be too late.

In Countdown to Crisis you'll discover:
• The first-ever inside account of Iran's clandestine nuclear weapons program—revealing how the mullahs could already have enough nuclear material for twenty to twenty-five bombs
• The secret locations where Iran has been sheltering bin Laden—and the terrorist attacks they now are jointly planning against America and our allies
• How U.S. intelligence has consistently ignored warnings about Iran's secret nuclear program—and how United Nations officials blew repeated chances to shut it down
• Stunning new evidence of Iran's involvement in the 9/11 plot—including documents the CIA tried to withhold from the 9/11 Commission
• How an Iranian defector gave the CIA two months' advance warning of a "massive attack on America" scheduled for September 11, 2001—but how the Agency brushed him off, even after 9/11
• An insider's account of how Iran turned to North Korea for nuclear weapons assistance starting in 1992
• How Iran worked on nuclear weapons hand-in-glove with the infamous A. Q. Khan networkwith help from Germany, Switzerland, Russia, and China
• How a U.S. congressman became so frustrated by the CIA's refusal to act on intelligence that bin Laden was in Iran that he contacted a bounty hunter to capture the Saudi
• How Iran's leaders continue to finance the insurgents in Iraq, including terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi

To get the complete story on Iran's radical Islamic regime, Timmerman crisscrosses the globe, taking the reader into secret terrorist gatherings in Tehran, into tense meetings in the White House, to debriefings at an obscure CIA outpost in Azerbaijan, to diplomatic face-offs in the Kremlin, and to many other spots along the way. His extensive investigative reporting allows him to lay bare the true nature of the Iranian threat.
For Americans interested in the truth about Iran, Countdown to Crisis may amount to a call for action—or even a case for war.

KENNETH R. TIMMERMAN is the New York Times bestselling author of The French Betrayal of America, Preachers of Hate: Islam and the War on America, Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson, and Death Lobby: How the West Armed Iraq. An investigative reporter with more than two decades of experience covering the Middle East, terrorism, and weapons proliferation, he has written for Time, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, and Insight magazine, among other publications. Timmerman lives near Washington, D.C.

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