Down Sizing Your Body - Bill Sardi


We were slim, trim and fit in the 1950s and 60s, and bulging out of our clothes by the year 2000 ...

This book explains how the diabesity epidemic was spawned by changes in American foods beginning in the early 1970s.

Americans didn't just spontaneously begin to overeat for no reason - food producers were to blame.
Foods began to be engineered so Americans would eat more, and more, and more.
It doesn't take long to realize Americans are being bred for obesity, like domesticated animals in a feeding pen. For comparison, Western Europeans remain relatively lean.
And while diet books place the blame sugar, calories and fat, the fortification of foods with a metallic mineral is more likely to account for the increasing waistlines of Americans ...

Read what you can do to side step this plague of obesity by adding or removing dietary factors that increase or decrease weight.

253 pgs. ($14.95) Includes Radio Liberty Interview with the Author on CD!

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