Most people who have been away from home on an extended vacation have a universal question on their mind as they return: "I wonder if everything is OK at home." Some are even reluctant to leave a home unattended simply because of the potential theft of irreplaceable items. Alarm systems are an important, but only partial answer to this growing concern. There is still the problem of long response times in many cities–time for an expert burglar to be in and out before the police arrive.
Suppose you travel in business, and your family lives in a hurricane zone or in a tornado region. You are out of town and a powerful storm system strikes your area, or even an earthquake (which can happen anywhere, even if you aren't close to a fault line). Telephone lines are down and the airport is closed. You would feel rather helpless being hundreds or even thousands of miles away not knowing the fate of your family.
All of these and other potential threats are real. But there are solutions that can help you find greater piece of mind in this world full of problem people and unpredictable events. This special report outlines how you can provide a much higher degree of safety for your valuable assets and your family's lives when you construct a high security vault room in your home.
The enclosed plans and specifications provide all the essential details you need to know about in constructing a MULTI-PURPOSE, HIGH SECURITY SHELTER (HS Shelter) within your existing home. While this report will emphasize working within an existing home or structure, the same design principles, with some modification in details and specifications can be applied to new construction, if you are planning to add on to your existing residence. This HS SHELTER is, in reality, a fire proof, seismic designed, VAULT ROOM with self-contained emergency living and storage facilities, complete with independent power and water supplies, filtered air, communications, and a concealed, secure entry.
In Chapter Four, I also detail for you the much cheaper option of fortifying a Master Bedroom wardrobe closet. You may even want to implement this option along with a HS Shelter elsewhere so that, during an intrusion, you and your wife have a mini secure room to retreat to for temporary security.

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