"Idols in the House" by Ted Flynn

Why is the greatest nation in the history of the earth climbing tragedy's summit and about to tumble?

  • Is America a just and great nation before God?
  • For what sins has God judged past civilizations?
  • Is the breakdown of the traditional family, caused by parental neglect, drugs, alcohol and sexual promiscuity, a prelude to the unraveling of our society and our freedoms?
  • What follows "The Culture of Death"? Cloning! Not if, but when!
  • What should our response be to the current moral crisis?
  • What does heaven say about our fate?
    This book gives a no-nonsense remedy for our country, our families, and ourselves. Idols in the House separates fact from the bias in the news media. Has the Lord removed the "Protective Hedge" from our nation? Was September 11 a wake up call for America? Is more on the way? How did the destruction of the family and the loss of faith happen in a generation?
    Softcover, 282 pages. ($17.95)
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