"Mind Control, World Control: A Virtual Encyclopedia of Mind Control!" - Kent Heiner.
Mind control is a little-known yet highly controversial topic today. Veteran author and investigator Jim Keith uncovers a surprising amount of information on mind control technology, and the experimentation with and implementation of it. Various chapters in this shocking book cover early CIA experiments such as Project MONARCH and R.H.I.C.-EDOM, the methodology and technology of implants, mind-controlled assassins and couriers, various famous mind control victims such as Sirhan Sirhan, Patty Hearst and Candy Jones. Also featured are chapters on Mind Control Cults, Berserkers, Death Rays, HAARP, and how mind control technology may be linked to some UFO activity and "UFO abductions." Jim Keith is the former editor of Dharma Combat and the author of such books as THE GEMSTONE FILE, CASEBOOK ON ALTERNATIVE 3, SECRET & SUPPRESSED, CASEBOOK ON THE MEN IN BLACK and others.
Softcover, 311 pgs. $14.95
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