"Miracles In the Jungle" by David Rogne

Has God called you to something that seems frightening or insurmountable? It is definitely the right choice to obey Him and then hang on for the ride! The ride for the Rogne family during their first term overseas included many miracles for which they give all praise to God.
Meet the village chief who made "man arrows" to kill Dave. Learn of the demon who controlled a village deep in the jungle, Dave's killer hike getting there to help preach the Gospel, and the 26 who became Christians! Read of the emaciated tribal man who saw Jesus as he was dying. Hear the testimony of a former cannibal. Marvel at two medical miracles. This book will strengthen your faith in the Lord and challenge you to follow Him - even to the ends of the earth.

Dave Rogne served six years in Papua New Guinea. He enjoys spear fishing, racing motocross, playing guitar and worshipping our great God, and discussing the creation/evolution issue. But he is very passionate about teaching the Word of God, discipling his family and others, praying for the Jewish people, and sharing the Gospel wherever he goes.

87 pages ($9.95)

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