"Moses: The Deliverer" - by Ellen Gunderson Traylor.

Through the skillful pen of Ellen Gunderson Traylor, Moses comes alive as the brilliant young prince of Pharaoh's court, a man torn between a secret love for his Jewish kinsmen and his dedication to Egypt. But the course of his life takes a radical turn when he slays an Egyptian lord to protect a Hebrew slave. Now he must flee his Egyptian heritage and leave behind forever the wealth and power and prestige that were his.
How God molds the character of Moses and guides him into the ways of righteousness, is a powerful story of human nature and divine love.
In this riveting drama, you will be moved again by the undeniable truth that God can shape the life of any man or woman into a life of greatness for His glory.

Softcover, 321 pages. ($17.95)

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