"Environmental Overkill: Whatever Happened to Common Sense?" by Dixy Lee Ray with Lou Guzzo. This book illustrates how good stewardship of the environment, scientific honesty, and even our constitutional liberties based on property rights are being consciously endangered by environmental extremists, scare-mongering journalists, media-concious scientist, "visionary" politicians, power-hungry bureaucrats, big business leaders, and rapacious lawyers. Who loses? We all do, especially when we allow the people who actually live on the land--small farmers, fishermen, Americans who live in the open spaces of the West--to have their livelihoods, and indeed their very towns and communities, callously prosecuted into oblivion by lawyers and bureaucrats in Washington. Environmental Overkill tells you what actually happened at the Earth Summit in Rio. Ray and coauthor Lou Guzzo also take a close look at the environmentalism of Vise President Al Gore. Above all, this book will help you make your informed decisions on air pollution, global warming, endangered species, wetlands, overpopulation, and other contentious environmental issues. For readers who want to understand the scientific and political realities of environmental issues, Ray and Guzzo's Environmental Overkill is the best and most straightforward analysis around. ($12.95)
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