"Power Quest: Book One - America's Obsession With the Paranormal" by S. Douglas Woodward

When Fascism and Spiritualism combine diabolical outcomes result. In Power Quest, author S. Douglas Woodward offers a historical perspective of how this malevolent hybrid of the twentieth century was engineered by Nazi Germany in the name of creating a 'New World Order'. Because the synthesis of these belief systems is present in the institutions influencing our nation today, we are at risk.

America's fascination with the paranormal permeates our four centuries of existence. Our political symbols celebrate ancient paganism. Old-world mysticism lives on in prominent spiritist movements today. As a nation, we have steadily progressed through this darkened passageway since World War II, in part due to the presence and influence of hundreds of Nazis who were invited into America after the war—men who vigorously affirmed the cosmology of the paranormal and the politics of fascism. In this first of two volumes, Woodward asks, "Could America become the equivalent evil empire of the twenty-first century?"

299 pages ($19.95)

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