Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places - Joel M. Skousen

In today's bookstores, you can find a fair amount of literature on the "best places" to live. Almost all of these books concentrate upon the positive aspects of life--especially for the retired person: numbers and ratings of golf courses, doctor/patient ratios, warm sunny climates, availability of cultural activities, status of educational institutions, and the growth potential of the local economy. While all of these may be welcome amenities to a retiring life-style, what happens to these highly rated metropolitan areas when a major crisis strikes? Are these communities going to provide the basic necessities of life when a labor crisis brings the inflow of food and business goods to a halt? Or what about an economic crisis that threatens, pensions, investments and other so-called "guaranteed" income? What about a major earthquake or other natural disaster that suddenly upsets the natural social order for months at a time? Can you get out of harm's way if massive social unrest erupts in the wake of a crisis? Have you got contingency plans to exit an urban area when all of the freeways are clogged? What happens if the "unthinkable" happens--if the Russians have been cheating on disarmament all along, just waiting for the United States to fully disarm before they strike? Or have you thought about the potential of a major terrorist attack on a US city with chemical or biological weapons? These are not simply musings of the paranoid mind. These. are real threats to society that are increasing in probability each year, despite the illusions of peace and prosperity to the contrary.

This then, is what STRATEGIC THINKING is all about--watching ahead for potential threats that most other people fail to see or choose to ignore. Living in a sea of unprepared people only makes us all more vulnerable, especially when we live in one of the US or Canada's 150 major metropolitan areas. STRATEGIC RELOCATION is a complete discussion of the strategies and relocation contingencies to help you avoid or mitigate each of the major modern threats to your well-being--from NATURAL DISASTERS to ECONOMIC COLLAPSE and NUCLEAR WAR, plus much more. If all this seems a little far fetched, then you may be one of those that can benefit most from this book.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joel M. Skousen has a BA in political science, and served as a Marine Corps pilot during the Vietnam era. For the past twenty years, Mr. Skousen has designed high security residences and retreats for clients throughout North America. He resides in Orem, Utah.

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