"Sustainable America: America's Environment, Economy and Society in the 21st Century" Edited by Daniel Sitarz

How can America protect its environment, build its economy, and provide for social equity? Sustainable America is the blueprint of a bold new plan to protect the U. S. environment by linking it to American economic and social policy. Its original strategies include:

Innovative strategies to dramatically reduce U.S. consumption of energy and natural resources
The replacement of federal income taxes with pollution taxes
The elimination of harmful government subsidies which damage the environment
The adoption of a national ethic of stewardship, rather than simply mastery, of the environment
A new drive for environmental education, linked to an understanding of economic and social issues
Bold manufacturing strategies to eliminate waste and prevent pollution in American industry
Efforts to lower population growth in America the fastest-growing industrial country on Earth

Sustainable America has been adapted from the voluminous official reports and task forces of the President's Council on Sustainable Development. Appointed by President Clinton in 1993, the Council brought together for the first time national leaders from government (heads of the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Agriculture, Interior, Energy, Education, and the EPA), officers of industry (Chevron, General Motors, Ciba-Geigy, Dow Chemical, Georgia-Pacific, and others), and leaders of many of America's leading environmental, labor, and civil rights organizations (including the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense Fund, National Wildlife Federation, World Resources Institute, AFL-CIO, the National African American Leadership Summit, and others).

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