The Alien Interviews: Conversations With People Who Experienced UFO Contacts - L.A. Marzulli

I got held up in the briers and that's when I looked up and saw it. And it made no noise. The trees didn't move or the leaves blow away."
Ricky Sorrell Stephenville Lights

"I went into a sort of shock tailspin, as I realized that the abductions were real. I said to myself, Oh, my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, repeatedly for about six months."
Dr. David Jacobs

"They had me on a cold steel table and used different tools to do a variety of different procedures to me."
Corina Sables Abductee

"I was taking care of cattle out there on the desert, we were checking the water at the Harrison Well, and there was a cow laying up near the water that had been mutilated."
Stan Mosser Cattle Mutilation

"They always communicated to me telepathically, an idea would come into my mind to go out and take pictures or they would have me start drawing symbols, which was some type of language I had no knowledge of. They called it light language."
Lynne Dickie Contactee

"There were feathers. Two wings that came out to points. His eyes were sunk into his head. He had what looked like a robe that went down to his hips.
Lawrence Gray on seeing the Mothman

" I would have to agree with the views of Jacque Vallee. The entities show the abilities of being interdimensional. They manifest into physical states and able to leave physical traces during an event."
Joe Jordan Alien Abduction Researcher

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