The Burzynski Breakthrough - Thomas D. Elias

Should doctors be permitted to provide patients with treatments they deem beneficial—even lifesaving— before those treatments have won approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration? This dilemma is at the heart of the controversy surrounding Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, a Houston-based physician and pioneer in the battle against cancer. The Burzynski Breakthrough is the explosive true story of Burzynski's revolutionary discovery of antineoplastons—the most promising cancer treatment ever found—and the government's relentless 18-year campaign to not only suppress this controversial medication but also to destroy Burzynski's career.

Born in Poland, Burzynski escaped to America shortly after discovering the apparent link between cancer and several then-unidentified blood chemicals. His dogged investigations, which resulted in cures for many hundreds of cancers which responded to no other treatment, simultaneously aroused the enmity of the FDA and many traditional medical practitioners. Determined to save lives, he was instead swept up in a whirlpool of bureaucracy and red tape.

In a tale fraught with elements of power, jealousy, personal vendetta and betrayal, award-winning author Thomas D. Elias captures the drama inherent in such hotly contested issues as:
• The charge that the FDA is guarding the interests of pharmaceutical giants by ignoring promising new medications from individuals and smaller companies
• The controversy and outrage within the medical establishment surrounding Dr. Burzynski's cancer treatment
• The countless lives lost because of the FDA's red tape approval process
• Charges of scientific dishonesty at the highest levels of American medicine.

is updated edition includes new charts showing exactly how well antineoplastons are working against many types of cancer. It features new case histories and reports compelling and heart-wrenching stories of patients whose lives have been forever changed by Dr. Burzynski's treatment. This powerful investigation culminates in a fascinating analysis of how antineoplastons work and what they can mean for modern medicine and human well being. A modern-day David vs. Goliath, The Burzynski Breakthrough shows how one man was able to take on the monolithic system and save hundreds who were previously condemned to death.

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