The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope - Sheriff Richard Mack

In 1 994 Sheriff Mack took a courageous stand to defend the U S Constitution and the autonomy of Sheriffs against the Clinton administration. His lawsuit and subsequent victory at the Supreme Court proved once and for all that the Sheriff is indeed the ultimate law enforcement authority in his county and in this country. He is not a bureaucrat and he does not answer to one. He answers to his boss, the citizens. The Sheriff is the employee of the people and exists to serve and protect them in all matters.
This book should be read by every citizen, police officer, and especially each sheriff of these United States, that we may become united in our service to the American people and dedicated to the preservation of those precious freedoms that so many have fought and died for. To uphold and defend the U S Constitution is our primary duty and our sworn responsibility.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio

50 pgs. ($8.95)

This book with the DVD "The Sheriff: More Power Than the President" by Sheriff Mack ($24.95)

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