"The Health Century" by Edward Shorter, Ph.D.

One hundred years ago doctors were virtually powerless to cure disease. Tuberculosis was the leading cause of death, and, with the exception of quinine for malaria and morphine for pain, there were few specific remedies for particular diseases. There were almost no vaccines, no antibiotics, not even aspirin. But in the century since 1887, the year the National Institutes of Health were founded, the combined energies of physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and public agencies have almost literally worked miracles. Now we not only lead much longer lives, we lead healthier lives: pain, discomfort, disease, and disability have been dramatically reduced by advances in hard science, in surgery, and in drug therapy. Focusing on selected triumphs—the discovery of penicillin, the first vaccines, pioneering discoveries with DNA and molecular science, the first open-heart and brain surgeries, the war on cancer, and the new discoveries in biotechnology—this accessible, amazing story of medicine's past century, THE HEALTH CENTURY, presents the moving human drama behind the scientific miracles most pertinent to all of our lives.

304 pages ($19.95) USED

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