"The Secret of the Lord: The Hidden Truth That Defines Your Destiny" by Charles Crismier.

It is a life-changing, destiny-determining "secret." It is a "secret" because the Bible says it is. It is God's secret because He has declared it to be "secret." Yet it is a secret God desires to disclose to all who will seek it, unlocking all of the covenantal blessings and promises of God, both on earth and for eternity.

A mystery cries to be mastered. It remains a mystery until the right connections of fact are discerned, unveiling truth that sweeps away the shroud of "mystery." So it is with secrets. Once uncovered, the secret is no longer "secret" but becomes available for decision-making regarding life direction and eternal destiny. Such is The Secret of the Lord.

They can lure the unsuspecting to invest their lives and resources in false hopes leading to broken promises, disillusionment, and eventually eternal destruction. Yet God's secret is singular and secure in a world offering a buffet table of supposed spiritual "secrets." So important is God's "secret," that it becomes our Creator's final gospel message to our planet before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

There has never been a more urgent time to discover The SECRET of the Lord.

228 pages ($19.95)

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