"The Birth of World Government" - Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D.
So you don't believe a world government is being formed? The vast majority of Americans refuse to believe that world government is being formed right before our eyes. Even Christians and Jews who are warned in the Bible to look for such a government are being deceived. Through never before experienced global delusion, many people, pastors, churches, rabbis and synagogues are helping to promote the agenda! They refuse to believe that an absolute totalitarian government steeped in mystic pantheism will soon dictate the actions of every human being on earth. While Americans are denying it, it is being openly discussed in Europe, and in the inner governmental circles of Russia and China.
Read in this highly referenced and explosive book how this plan is being implemented step by step. Go behind the scenes in the tremendous geopolitical power struggles that are changing the very fabric of earth's history as major global factions battle for supremacy in the new world order. Learn how Kosovo, Chechnya and Israel have been used as pawns in a much bigger agenda of intrigue that is stranger than fiction. And, most of all, how global events seem to be rushing to fulfill prophecy written thousands of years ago. Are we in the last days before Jesus Christ returns? Judge for yourself! ($9.95)
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