With No Apologies: The Personal and Political Memoirs of United States Senator Barry M. Goldwater

In this distinguished autobiography Barry Goldwater opens his heretofore "private files" where for the past twenty-five years he has recorded his on-the-spot recollections and judgments of men and events. He submits candid new appraisals of presidents, states-men, and generals who have been influential in our time, and cites lessons of the past that could save us from political and economic chaos in the future. What he reveals rein-forces the image of Senator Goldwater as a "tell-it-like-it-is, uncompromising public figure."
Senator Goldwater challenges us to consider the reasons for our present discontent. A leading spokesman and popularizer of conservative thought, he is concerned about our basic individual liberties guaranteed in the Constitution. With No Apologies explains how be believes we have strayed from our birthright and have surrendered too much of our freedom and independence to the federal establishment. He asks us to work together to reverse this trend that is threatening the destruction of our way of life. His views, although often unpopular with the national press and those of more liberal persuasion, are fervently shared by millions of Americans. No matter what the cut of one's political cloth, no one will be able to deny the truth of much of what Senator Gold-water has to say about our times, our mistakes, and what we must do to survive.

Barry M. Goldwater was president of Gold-water's, Inc., in Phoenix, Arizona, from 1937 to 1953, except for the years 1941-45, when he was a pilot in the USAAF. In 1953, the same year Eisenhower assumed the presidency, Goldwater was elected U.S. Senator from Arizona. He served two terms in the Senate until 1964, at which time he received the Republican nomination for the presidency and waged an unsuccessful campaign against the incumbent, President Lyndon Johnson. After four years of private life in Arizona, Goldwater was reelected to the U.S. Senate in 1968, and again in 1974. During his four terms as a U.S. Senator, he has served on the Armed Services Committee and the Labor and Public Welfare Commit-tee. His fourth term expires at the end of 1980.

"Everyone in America should read this frank accounting of backstage Washington by an honest man. With No Apologies is required reading for those who want to know the inner workings of the political world."

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