"Your Eternal Reward: Triumph and Tears at the Judgment Seat of Christ" By Erwin W. Lutzer.
In this provocative book, Dr. Lutzer gives good reasons why there will be tears in Heaven. When we reflect on how we lived for Christ, we might weep on the other side of the celestial gates. This book challenges widespread misconceptions about the judgment seat of Christ that have rarely emptied it of its meaning. Although Christians have been justified by faith, Christ will still judge them for the "deeds [done] in the body,....whether good or bad" (2 Corinthians 5:10). How well or poorly we do here might indeed determine our status in Heaven for all eternity.
God is seeking a bride who can sit with Christ on His throne and rule forever. But in this life we are tested to determine whether we are worthy of such high honor. Dr. Lutzer believes that only those who hear "Well done, thou good and faithful servant!" will be given the highest privileges available. Many others will be given a rebuke from Christ and have "Shame at His coming" (1 John 2:28).
Be prepared to have your understanding of the judgment seat of Christ challenged, provoked, and perhaps permanently changed. No one who reads this book will ever see the experiences of life in quite the same way again.
softcover, 171 pages. ($12.95)
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