December 1996 Tapes Available
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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
12/02/96   Karen Bixman - Editor:Investigative Reporter - Smog Check   _______
           II is not dead.
12/03/96   Dr. Howard Urnovitz - Gulf War Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue    _______
           Syndrome, etc.
12/05/96   Jeannie & Claire -  Agenda 21, the U.N. plan to gain control_______
           of local government and have you ruled by people you did not 
           elect or appoint!
12/09/96   Karen Bixman - Similarities Between Today's America and     _______
           Hitler's Germany.
12/09/96   *Dr. Randall Price - Author "Secrets of The Dead Sea        _______
12/09/96   Terry Cook - Project L.U.C.I.D., Smart Cards. Learn about   _______
           the methods (that they make sound so good) planned to control 
           our lives (2 hours)
12/10/96   John Stormer - Author "None Dare Call it Treason" and "None _______
           Dare Call it Treason-25 years Later" - America's lack of defense.
12/10/96   Dr Henry Lamb - Reporting from the Climate Conference in    _______
           Switzerland The Coming Restrictions on Energy Use in America 
           & The De-industrialization of America.    (2 hours)
12/16/96   Dr. Jean Poulos, Nutritionist - Vitamin and Mineral         _______
12/17/96   Leora Traylor - How Safe Are Blood Transfusions? Should we  _______
           Really Give up Donating Our Own Blood (Autologous Transfusions) 
           for Surgery?
12/17/96   Rev Rick Scarborough - Author "Enough is Enough".  What Will_______
           it Take Before Christians Realize They Must be Involved - 
           Even in Politics!
12/18/96   Dr. Cathy Burns - A frank discussion on Freemasonry	       _______
12/18/96   Brad Dacus - West Coast Representative for The Rutherford   _______
           Foundation - How Far Can They Carry The Separation of Church 
           and State?
12/19/96   Bill Jasper - Senior Editor "The New American" - The Story  _______
           of The Oklahoma City Bombing is Not Over Yet.  What Bill has 
           uncovered will astound you.
12/20/96   Karen Holgate - The Federal and State Compacts/Contracts on _______
           Education. What Do They Really Mean for You and Your Children?
12/23/96   Senator Don Rogers - New Executive Orders Regarding FEMA    _______
           and the Plan For a Dictatorship in America.
12/23/96   Jeanne Soderman - Agenda 21 and The Biodiversity Treaty -   _______
           Find Out What it's All About and How it Affects You - Whether 
           You Want to Believe it or Not   (2 hours)
12/24/96   Ezola Foster - Author "What's Right With America" - A       _______
           Teacher Realizes 	How the Youth of America Are Being 
           Manipulated to Destroy This Country. 
                *** This lady tells it like it is - a great tape! ***
12/26/96   Dr. Shirley Correll - On Dr. Laurence Cuddy's new book      _______
           "Conspiracy: Secret Records Revealed"  Surprising Quotations 
           from Some of America's Most Famous Citizens.
12/27/96   Terry Reed - New Information on the CIA's Role in Bringing  _______
           Drugs  Into America.
12/30/96   Bernadine Smith - They Still Plan to Take Away Your Guns.   _______
           Find Out What They're up to Now.
12/31/96   Joyce Riley - The Controversy Over the Gulf War Continues - _______
           and it's not going away!  The government's changing revelations.		

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