December 1997 Tapes Available
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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
12/01/97   Bob Sweet,Christian Solidarity International. Christian     _______
           Persecution in China and Borneo. Interesting Discussion of 
           Missionary Work in Borneo During the Early Days of Missions.
12/02/97   Richard Flores. Witchcraft and Spiritual Warfare. The Story _______
           of How This Young Man Escaped From Witchcraft.
12/02/97   Richard Flores. The Danger From Child Protective Services.  _______
           Do They Do More Harm Than Good? 
12/03/97   Ted Sampley. A Vietnam Veteran Encourages Americans to      _______
           Remember the POW's We Left Behind. Did Sen. John McCain of 
           Arizona Collaborate With the Communists While a POW? Does 
           he Now Perpetuate This Philosophy in Our Capitol? The Truth 
           About Bobby Garwood, One of America's Most Famous and 
           Maligned Vietnam POWs. (2 hrs)
12/04/97   Joyce Riley.The Gulf War Syndrome.The Battle Goes on Against_______
           Great Odds.	
12/05/97   Ralph Epperson. The Practice and Influence of Freemasonry.  _______
12/09/97   Dale O'Leary. Author,"The Gender Agenda". The Women of the  _______
           World are Being Betrayed by Radical Feminists Who Hold 
           Meetings Under the Guise of Conferences for the Rights of 
           Women But Promote a Radical Feminist Ideology Designed to 
           Destroy the Family and True Femininity.
12/11/97   Len Horowitz. Author, "Emerging Viruses". AIDS,Vaccines,    _______
           Cancer. An Expose` of  'The Cancer Establishment'.
12/16/97   Charles Phillips. American Center for Legislative Reform.   _______
           Talking About the Video "The War Dragon", on The Chinese 
           Military Threat to America.
12/17/97  ^Rich Tatum. Integrity on The Internet. How do we Achieve    _______
           and Maintain it?  
12/17/97  ^Pastor Jerry Boyd. Various Christian Ministries Available   _______ 
           on the Internet.	
12/22/97   Jeff Snyder. The Cato Institute. Gun Control - They're      _______
           Tricking You Into Giving Up One of Your Means of Protection 
           For Your Family.
12/22/97   Dean Gotcher. How the Current Education System is Being Used_______
           to Transform  Society - And Not For The Better.
12/23/97   Jeannie Soderman & Joan Peros. The Biodiversity Treaty and  _______
           Agenda 21. There is a Carefully Concealed Plan to Control Your 
           Life, And Make You Think its Your Idea But its Not Ideal. These 
           Two Women Have Thoroughly Studied This Plan. It is Serious.
           Sooner or Later it Will Come to Your Community. (2hrs)
12/26/97   Bill Jasper. Investigative Reporter. The Oklahoma City      _______
           Bombing. The Investigation is Far From Being Over.
12/29/97   Clark Brewster, Attorney for Carol Howe. How She Was        _______
           Betrayed. 1/2 hr. 
           Karen Anderson. Talking About Jeremy Rifkin and The Church 
           of Euthanasia. 1/2 hr.
12/29/97   Karen Anderson. Continues With the Bizarre Beliefs of The   _______
           Church of Euthanasia about (forgive our bluntness) Euthanasia, 
           Cannabalism, Abortion and Sodomy. 

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