December 1998 Tapes Available
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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
12-01-98  *Thomas Horn. Author,"Spiritual Warfare". Is there a         _______
           relationship between our cultural disintegration and the 
           unseen activity of demons?
12-02-98   Dr. John Cionci. The impact of AIDS on America and the world_______
12-02-98   Dr. Cathy Burns. Author,"Masonic & Occult Symbols           _______
12-02-98   Dr. Floy Lilley. Maurice Strong and the restriction of the  _______
           use of fossil fuels.
12-03-98   Tom DeWeese. The infiltration of the church by the Green    _______
12-03-98   Elizabeth Liagin. Population control and its many guises.   ______@
12-04-98   Philip Gourevitch. Author,"We wish to inform you that       _______
           tomorrow we will be killed with our families" . Stories from 
           Rwanda. Riveting!
12-08-98  *Grant Jeffrey. Author, "Millennium Meltdown". A             _______
           comprehensive study of the causes and potential consequences of Y2K.
12-09-98   Mike Bowman. "The ABCs of Family Internet Survival". If you _______
           are just getting started on the Internet, they have a great resource. 
12-10-98   Tim Cohen. Author, "The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea". Who is_______
           he? From where will he come? Who is perceived to be a possible 
12-14-98   Berit Kjos. The newest Executive Order, 13107, signed       _______
           12/10/98 by President Clinton. What you need to know about it. 
           Comes with a copy of  the E.O. 
12-14-98   Philip Hoag, Author, "No Such Thing as Doomsday". How and   ______@
           why you should prepare for emergencies - even Y2K - and be 
           able to minimize the impact.
12-15-98   David Carrico. Author,"The Occult Meaning of The Great Seal ______@
           of The U. S."
12-16-98   Henry Lamb. Executive Order 13107. What it means for the    _______
           future. Good companion tape to Berit Kjos 12/14/98. Comes with 
           a copy of the E.O. 12-18-98   James Woolsey. Former director 
           of the CIA. The very real threat to America from missile attack, etc.
12-18-98   Maj. Fritz Meyer. The downing of TWA Flight 800. The        ______@
           investigation continues. Some people have committed themselves 
           to learning the truth.
12-21-98   Mark Phillips. The CIA and mind control.                    _______
12-21-98   Carol Moore. Waco. Don't put it behind you. The appeals and _______
           sorrow go on.
12-22-98  *Erwin Lutzer. Author,"Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the   _______
           Bible". Pastor Lutzer explains how we can know that our faith 
           is really based on facts.
12-22-98   Dr. Nick Begich. HAARP. His last radio interview and latest ______@
12-23-98   Congressman Bob Dornan. Politics and Washington from the    _______ 
12-23-98   Dr. Baumzweiger. The Gulf War Syndrome through the eyes of a______@
           doctor who has dedicated himself to treating those afflicted with it.
12-28-98   Dee Zahner. Author,"The Secret Side of History". Mystery    ______@
           Babylon & the NWO.
12-29-98   Larry Nichols. Evidence you won't hear at the upcoming      _______
           Clinton trial.
12-30-98   Cmdr. Wm. Donaldson. Latest information on the downing of   _______
           TWA Flight 800.	
12-30-98   Jeff Nyquist. Author,"The Origins of the Fourth World War". ______@
           The coming war with Russia and China. They intend to win.
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