December 1999 Tapes Available
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  Date                          Program/Topic                       Quantity  
12-01-99 Mark Crutcher. Life Dynamics, Inc. The sale of baby parts_______ for profit. 12-01-99 Rep. Charles Key. The report on the Oklahoma City bombing ______@ is imminent. 12-06-99 Steven Jacobson. Mind control techniques. Can't understand_______ the words to those songs your teenager is listening to? You may be surprised! 12-06-99 Col. Earl Hopper. The POWs that were left behind. Some _______ interesting facts. 12-07-99 Craig Parshall. Co-author with his wife, Janet, of "Tough _______ Faith." Biblical faith in everyday life when the going gets rough. 12-07-99 David Thibodeau. Caught in the Davidian compound at Waco _______ during the attack, David provides an eyewitness account of what happened. 12-08-99 Bob Unger. Jewish Task Force. The tragedy of failing _______ American education. 12-08-99 Chaim Ben-Pesach. Jewish Task Force. The attack on _______ Christianity is an attack on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Jews & Christians stand together!(TOM) 12-09-99 Jack McLamb. A former policeman looks at Seattle and _______ Project Megiddo. 12-10-99 Col. Ron Ray, Constitutional attorney. Fighting for the _______ right to display the Ten Commandments in the courtrooms of America. 12-10-99 Holly Swanson. Author, Set Up & Sold Out. The Seattle WTO _______ meeting and the environmental movement. 12-14-99 Craig Roberts. Black helicopters, chemtrails, and drugging_______ our school children. 12-14-99 Jerome Murray. Co-author of "Computers in Crisis." Y2K may_______ not have had much of an impact yet, but Jerome Murray is still worth listening to. 12-15-99 Julie Malone. Free Congress Foundation. Project Echelon _______ and the end of your privacy. Be prudent in what information you give out. 12-16-99 Gus Stelzer. Former CEO of major companies warns against _______ WTO/NAFTA. 12-17-99 Dr. Garth Nicholson. The impact of the Gulf War Syndrome/ _______ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Anthrax vaccine on veterans and their families. 12-20-99 Dave Wegener. Dave has done a great job of capturing some ______@ fascinating quotes from recent events on tape and compiling them for your benefit. 12-21-99 Alex Jones. Producer of video, "Police State 2000." A ______@ sinister force is being released upon America. 12-22-99 Gen. Ben Partin. The Panama Canal turn-over and "phony" _______ terrorism. 12-22-99 Rodney Stich. Author, "The Drugging of America." _______ 12-23-99 Michael McNulty. Co-producer of video, "Waco: A New _______ Revelation." New evidence presented for the first time for the world to see.(TOM) 12-23-99 Mara Leveritt. Author, "The Boys on The Tracks." Two young_______ martyrs for the cause of evil that runs rampant in this nation.(TOM) 12-27-99 Joan Veon. An eye-witness account of the riots in Seattle._______ This one is great! 12-28-99 Robert Goldsborough. American Research Foundation. The _______ influence of the great foundations on world events.(TOM) 12-28-99 Joyce Riley. The Gulf War Syndrome. There is always ______@ something new. 12-30-99 Scott Kendall. The Waldorf Schools. Teaching of occult _______ influences in schools.

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