February 1998 Tapes Available
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02/10/98   John Chalfant. Author, Abandonment Theology. How the        _______
           clergy has failed the Church, and the breakdown it has caused 
           in so many aspects of American life.
02/11/98   Bill Benson. Researcher. He discovered that the 16th        _______
           Amendment had never been legally ratified in many states, 
           making the income tax illegal. When he researched this in more 
           depth, he came under severe persecution to the point of 
           imprisonment, reminiscent of George Hanson's story. 2 Tapes	
02/12/98  #Joan Veon. Nationally acclaimed economist and publisher of  _______
           her own newsletter. Reporting on the World Economic Forum in 
           Davos, Switzerland. A great inside look into what goes on in 
           these conferences.
02/12/98   Bob Fletcher. Researcher. Use of weather for warfare.2 Tapes_______
02/13/98   Henry Lamb. Founder and Publisher of ECO. An in-depth       _______
           discussion of how government is encroaching on the freedom 
           of the American people under the guise of environmentalism. 2 Tapes
02/16/98   Bob Djurdjevic. Truth in Media. Corporate control of the    _______
02/17/98   Craig Roberts. The personal story of his fight with cancer. _______
           Goes somewhat into the benefits of alternative medicine for 
           cancer treatment.
02/18/98   John Weaver. Christians have an obligation to be involved   _______
           in politics.
02/18/98   Marty Angel. Why America's churches should set up schools   _______
           for children rather than having them go to secular schools, and 
           how it can be done.
02/19/98   Pastor John Lewis. Christians in politics.                  _______
02/23/98   Steven Jacobson. Mind Control. How widespread and subtle it _______
           is - you need to look beyond the obvious of TV & movies.
02/23/98   Fern Nichols. Founder of Moms in Touch.  A devoted mother   _______
           who wanted to do something to protect and uplift her children 
           during the day when they were not with her. Find out what she 
           did and how it spread to become an international organization.
           The great rewards for both mothers and children. An inspiring story!
02/24/98   Ray Peyton. Prophecy as it relates to America.              _______
02/24/98   Ray Peyton. The threat to the world economy.                _______
02/25/98   Bob Slimp. South Africa - Its illustrious past, fascinating _______
           history, current crisis, and uncertain future.	
02/26/98   Al Cuppett. Signs of the times and Big Brother. The threat  _______
           to America.
02/26/98   Orlene Koehle. Relates her attendance at a Council Meeting  _______
           in Long Beach. How people are so misled about the benefits of 
           the Chinese take-over of the Long Beach Naval Station.
02/27/98   Dr. Walter Brown. Center for Scientific Creation. The case  _______
           for creation over evolution.

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