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Guest Host - *Dave Wilson
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02-01-99   Cliff Kincaid. Michael New:Mercenary or American Soldier? _______
02-02-99  *Shaunti Feldhahn. Y2K:The Millennium Bug. What can        _______
           churches do?		
02-03-99  *Col. David Hackworth - U.S. Army retired. Author "About   _______
           Face" and "Hazardous Duty". The demilitarization of America.
02-04-99  *Berit Kjos. Author, "Brave New Schools". United Nations   _______
           plans for "mental health".	
02-04-99   Berit Kjos. United Nations plans for "mental health" and  _______
           other ways they plan to control Americans.
02-05-99   Dr. Russell Blaylock. Author,"Excitotoxins:The Taste That _______
           Kills". The dangers from aspartame, MSG, etc.
02-08-99   Bob Rosio. Author,"The Satanization of Society".          _______
           Secularism and humanism - two of Satan's favorite philosophies.
02-11-99   Jerry Smith. Author "HAARP:The Ultimate Weapon".          _______
02-11-99   Kenneth Billingsley. Author, "Hollywood Party". The       _______
           Communist Influence in Hollywood.(TOM)
02-12-99   Ron Wilson. Atlantic Bullion & Coin. Investing & saving in_______
           troubled times. (TOM)
02-12-99   Rev. Pearl McLean. Israel, the Near East, Bible Prophecy  ______@
           and the U.S.
02-15-99   Betty Martini. Excitotoxins - aspartame, MSG - and their  _______
           effect on our bodies.
02-15-99   Andrew Gause. Y2K. The outlook for problems and how to    ______@
           manage your finances.
02-16-99   Tim Cohen. Author "The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea". A    ______@
           thought-provoking look at the symbolism that connects the 
           Antichrist to someone actually living today. He makes quite 
           a case. Listen and see what you think. 
02-17-99   Dr. Rahn. Russia:Economically and militarily.             _______
02-17-99   William Grigg. Chinagate.(TOM)                            _______
02-18-99   Texe Marrs. Y2K. What fact about it are they not telling  _______
02-19-99   William Lind. The Frankfurt School and how it imported    _______
           socialism to America.	
02-19-99   Ron Wilson. Atlantic Bullion & Coin. Finances and Y2K.    ______@
           Good, solid advice.
02-22-99   Rev. Peter Marshall. Author."America's Godly Heritage".   _______
           America needs a revival. 
02-24-99   Otto Scott. Author,"The Secret Six". John Brown and the   _______
           Abolitionist Movement. A good opportunity to brush up 
           on your history.
02-24-99   Maureen Heaton. Author,"The Impossible Dream". Too many   _______
           Americans take their country for granted. Like it was 
           indestructible. Is It?
02-25-99   Col. Ron Ray. The new idea of "military exercises". Are   _______
           they innocent? For what are they really preparing? (TOM)		
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