The Robinson Home School program is a 12-year curriculum that instills moral values, excellent instruction, and prepares children for college.

Why is the Robinson Home School program different? It teaches children to think objectively, and they can essentially teach themselves with the help of the program.

As a result, the only thing the parent must do, or get someone else to do, is to teach their children to read, and learn simple math. The program includes math flash cards.

After that, most children can actually teach themselves with the program with little help from parents. No matter how many children you have, you only need to purchase one curriculum for them all.

The program is presented on 22 CD-ROMs that cover the materials taught in public schools. Children can progress at their own speed. Most of the children enrolled in the Robinson Home Curriculum school program are several years ahead of their counterparts in public schools.

The CD-ROMs contain:

The classic books that shaped Christian civilization.
All the required textbooks (with the exception of the Saxon math textbooks)
120,000 page library resource.
The 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica
The 1913 Noah Webster’s Dictionary.
2,000 historic illustrations. A 6,000 word vocabulary teacher. Includes phonics.
An outstanding science program.
Progress exams keyed to the books.

Over 100,000 children have enrolled in the Robinson Home School Curriculum program through the years. 60,00 are currently enrolled in the program.

The program provides 12 years of superior education.

The cost is $195.00 (+ 8.25% sales tax in California) Information and cost for purchasing math books comes with the curriculum.

If you want additional information, call 800-544-8927, and ask to speak to Dr. Monteith.

Orders for the program can be placed directly through our answering service at 800-544-8927.

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