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01/02/98   Claire Moxley. Agenda 21. Claire has thoroughly researched  _______
           this plan to control where and how people will live and move 
           about. Sound impossible? It's all been figured out while you 
           weren't looking!  2 Tapes.
01/05/98   Dr. Joseph Gold. Talks about another little known about but _______
           effective treatment for cancer - Hydrazine Sulfate.
01/05/98   Gary Snell. The Long Beach-Cosco Connection. Why is the     _______
           U.S. Gov't turning control of the Long Beach Naval Base over 
           to the Communist Chinese? What will it mean for you?	
01/06/98   Barby Hall. Local Chapter Leader of Eagle Forum. Talking    _______
           about the update on Phyllis Schlafly's excellent book, "A Choice, 
           Not an Echo". 2 Tapes The book outlines the "king makers" 
           who control both political parties.
01/08/98   Mark Phillips. Mind Control and Government Cover-ups. An    _______
           upate. 2 Tapes. Exposes government mind-control research to 
           manipulate society.
01/09/98   Craig Roberts. Flight TWA. There is new evidence about what _______
01/13/98   Karen Holgate. Reporting on the Mark Tucker conference on   _______
           education recently held in So. Calif. What she heard horrified even 
           this veteran researcher.
01/14/98   Joan Veon. Author. "Prince Charles:The Sustainable Prince". _______
           There is more to this man than meets the eye. Joan has done 
           a lot of research.
01/15/98   Cdr. William Donaldson. Retired Naval Commander who did his _______
           own investigation into TWA Flight 800. What the eyewitnesses 
           saw, what happened to them and some of the evidence as to the 
           true nature of what happened.
01/16/98   Craig Roberts. New information on TWA Flight 800 and the    _______ 
           Oklahoma City Bombing. Who placed the second set of charges 
           around the pillars?
01/16/98   Craig Roberts. Author, "Medusa File". Talking About POWs    _______
           and MIAs in WWII. For those who don't remember their history, 
           Vietnam was not the first time we left our fighting men behind.
01/19/98   David Hoffman. A different view of the Oklahoma City        _______
           Bombing. Has some very provocative ideas. **WARNING: Some 
           language by the guest may be a little strong for some people.
01/23/98   Gordon McDonald. Koinonia House Researcher. The Y2K problem._______
           Is it real? Is it imagined? Listen to Gordon's research 
           and judge for yourself.
01/26/98   Bruce Adamson. Excellent researcher on the death of         _______
           President JFK finds himself unexpectedly caught up in a tale 
           of intrigue surrounding the death of  Princess Diana. A lot 
           of material to absorb, but fascinating.
01/27/98   Dr. Michael Coffman. The Biodiversity Treaty. One-half of   _______
           the U.S. and parts of Canada to be designated wilderness areas, 
           one-quarter to be "transitional areas", leaving only one-quarter 
           of the land left for human habitation.
01/29/98   Tony Nassif. Author,"Jesus,Politics, and the Church".       _______
           Christians' obligation to be involved in the political process.
01/30/98   Greg Dixon. Why churches should renounce their 501C3 status._______

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