January 1999 Tapes Available
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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
01-01-99   Vaughn Shatzer. The New World "Dis"order. The implications. _______
01-05-99  *Glenn Gorton. Author,"What Would They Say". The Founding    _______
           Fathers on current issues.
01-05-99   Sharon Briggs. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.                    _______
01-06-99   Col. Tom McKenney. Author,"Please Tell Me..."Questions      _______
           people ask about Freemasonry and the answers.
01-06-98   Rose Morgan.The current economic situation. The impact of   _______
           the Euro-Dollar.
01-07-99   Ted Baehr. The Christian influence on Hollywood. "Prince of _______
01-07-99   Rodney Stich. Author,"Defrauding America". CIA, drugs, and  ______@
           government corruption.	
01-08-99   Marie Gunther. Y2K. Is there a possibility it will save     ______@
01-11-99   John Daniel. Author, "Scarlet & The Beast". A three-volume  ______@
           expose`of Masonic control in the world. 
01-13-99   Dr. Shirley Correll. Outcome-Based Education. New           _______
01-13-99   Jeff Nyquist. Author, "Origins of the Fourth World War". We ______@
           have new names for the enemy but the same old faces. What 
           Americans must not forget.
01-14-99   Samuel Blumenfeld. The corrupting of our system of education_______
01-14-99   Jack Smith and April Oliver. Operation Tailwind. The        _______
           poisoning of American troops as a military experiment.
01-15-99   David Bresnahan. Mobilization of the National Guard in      _______
           response to Y2K.
01-15-99   Patrick Poole. Operation Echelon. Espionage against the     _______
           American people.	
01-18-99   Dr. John Willke. Int'l Right to Life. Euthanasia and the    _______
           sanctity of human life.
01-18-99   Gus Stelzer. Author, "The Nightmare of Camelot". An expose` ______@
           of the free trade Trojan horse.
01-19-99  *James Hirsen,Ph.D. Professor at Trinity Law School. Author, _______
           "The Coming Collision". How global activists plan to implement 
           a global agenda by using the powerful weight of international law.
01-19-99   David Hite. Why not solve the problem of Y2K with technology_______
           and preparation rather than preparing for martial law?
01-19-99   Michael Ruppert. The CIA and drugs. More evidence from a    _______
           different viewpoint.   
01-20-99   Lisa Dean. The portion of Operation Echelon that deals with _______
           the monitoring of bank transactions.
01-20-99   James Solbakken. Jews for Preservation of Firearms.         _______
           Disarming of America.	
01-27-99   Joel Skousen. Executive Orders and Presidential Decision    _______
01-28-99   Charles Phillips. Y2K and beyond. How new government        ______@
           programs are working together to bring control over the 
           American people.	
 01-29-99  Joan Veon. A financial advisor takes a look at Y2K and its  _______
           implications for your financial position in the coming months.
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