July 1997 Tapes Available
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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
06/30/97  Dr. Bob Stevenson. Global Warming? Listen to the Facts,      _______
          Study What They're Saying, and Make Up Your Own Mind. Don't 
          Just Believe Everything the Media Tells You.
07/01/97  John Newman. Author "Oswald & The CIA" Discussing His        _______
          Difficult-to-Obtain Book About Oswald's Connection With the 
          CIA and How it Ties in With the Assassination of President 
          John F. Kennedy.
07/01/97  Dr. Gordon Edwards.  An Expanded (2 hr) Program With the     _______
          World-Renowned Scientist Who Has Done Extensive Studies 
          on DDT & The Environment. 
07/02/97  Constance Cumbey. Author "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow".    _______
          The New Age, The New World Order, and Political Correctness.
07/02/97  Prof. Jacqueline Kasun.  Population Control.                 _______
07/03/97  Bill Brumbaugh. Talking About the Video "UFOs:The Hidden     _______
          Truth". (2 hr)	 
07/07/97 ^Reverend Gerald Boyd. Evangelism on the Internet.            _______
07/09/97 *Dale O'Leary. Author "The Gender Agenda". Feminism-Defining  _______
07/11/97 ^Don McAlvany. The Significance of the Rise of China as a     _______
          World Power, and The Implications for America.
07/15/97 @Joseph Farah. His Ordeal With IRS Harrassment - China's      _______
          Rising Power.
07/17/97 *Phil Comfort. Talking About His Book Explaining the Various  _______
          Bible Translations. An Excellent Handbook For Comparing and 
          Choosing a Bible.
07/18/97 *Terry James. Editor of "Foreshocks of Antichrist", a         _______
          Compilation of Dissertations by Well-Known Prophecy Scholars 
          on the State of Our World Today. A Very Easy to Read, but 
          Comprehensive, Book. 
07/21/97 *Cliff Kincaid.  Global Taxes for World Government.           _______
07/21/97 *Rex Rogers. Sociologic Implications of Gambling in America.  _______
07/22/97 *Charles Dyer. Integrity.                                     _______
07/23/97 *H.R. McMaster. Author "Dereliction of Duty". How             _______
          Incompetence in Washington Got Us Into, and Lost, the Vietnam War.
07/24/97 *Ron Nash. Author "Why the Left is Not Right".                _______
07/28/97 *William Alnor. Author "Heaven Can't Wait".  Near Death       _______
          Experiences. Don't be Deceived by The Light. It Might Not be 
          Coming From the Right Source. How Occultism Figures Into Many 
          of These Experiences.
07/28/97 *Paul Schenk. The Extermination of Christianity. His Personal _______
          Testimony of Christian Persecution.
07/29/97 *Bill Watkins. The New Absolutes.                             _______
07/30/97  Dr. Bill Deagle. Euthanasia:A Comprehensive Look at its Many _______
          Facets. (2 hr)
07/31/97  Patricia Bainbridge. Life Decisions International. The       _______
          Implications of Abortion.
07/31/97  Mike Trelo. How the Schools are Brainwashing Our Children,   _______
          and What Happened When One Family Stood Up Against It. If You 
          Have Children in School, You Should Hear This Tape.  (2 hr)	  

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