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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
07/01/98   Dr. Cary Savitch. Practicing M.D. The mishandling of the    _______
           AIDS epidemic.  	
07/02/98   Tom DeWeese. The proposed national ID system.	       _______
07/02/98   Ron Zumbrun. Pacific Legal Foundation. The corruption of the_______
           U.S. law system.
07/03/98   David C. Smith. Newswatch Magazine. The New World Order.    _______
           Linking evil with the obvious. 
07/03/98   Steve Quayle. Author, "Breed no Evil". The very real threat _______
           of biological warfare.
07/06/98   Joyce Riley. Gulf War Syndrome. Tuskegee Study. Biological  _______
           Warfare & Testing.
07/06/98   Joyce Riley. New diseases that have been developed since the_______
           Gulf War.
07/07/98   Larry Bates. The impending financial crisis, and the        _______
           influence of the Asian financial "meltdown" on America.
07/07/98   Kurt & Kim Heisig. Looking for an easy way to present the   _______
           message of salvation? This program will provide you with a 
           unique approach.
07/08/98   John Carlisle. National Policy Center. Global warming - the _______
           facts and the fallacies.
07/13/98   Scott Lively. Author,"The Pink Swastika". Homosexuality in  _______
           Hitler's Germany.
07/13/98   Dr. Paul Lindstrom. The art of home schooling from someone  _______
           who is a pioneer. 	
07/15/98   Dr. Joseph Douglas. The coming biological warfare against   _______
           America. Prepared?
07/16/98   Dr. Bonner Cohen. The EPA's war against America. How they   _______
           plan to control us.
07/16/98   Christopher Storey. The "Perestroika Deception". Who is     _______
07/16/98   Dr. William Dresher. The Rise of the global "Green Religion"_______
           ;the worship of Gaia.
07/17/98   Phyllis Schlafly. President, Eagle Forum. Her video, Global _______
           Governance, lays out for all to understand the story of the 
           coming world government. 
07/20/98   Dr. Floy Lilley. Report from Rome on the International      _______
           Criminal Court (ICC)
07/20/98   Walter Burien. The unique accounting system of the          _______
           government, and where our money goes. How to get a correct 
           accounting from them.
07/21/98   Victor Mordecai. Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat? The title_______
           says it all.
07/22/98   Randy Weaver. The story of his family's ordeal at Ruby Ridge_______
07/23/98   Holly Swanson. Author,"Set Up and Sold Out". How we are     _______
           deceived by the environmental movement.
07/24/98   Larry Parks. Foundation for Advancement of Monetary         _______
           Education (FAME) Helps you understand our "gold-backed" dollar, 
           the FIAT money system, etc.
07/24/98   Dennis Cuddy. The origins of the New World Order.           _______
           Fascinating information.
07/27/98   Former Congressman George Hanson. Talking about Randy Weaver_______
           the Iran Hostage Crisis and the "October Surprise", America's 
           political prisoners.
07/29/98   John Loeffler. Host,"Steel on Steel" and Co-host "The       _______
           Missler Report". Discussing TWA Flight 800, Y2K and its 
           impact on us, the ICC.
07/30/98   Jay Lehr. Author of most of the environmental laws written  _______
           during the period 1968-1982. The danger from environmental radicals.
07/31/98   Brad Jacobs. The Religious Liberty Protection Act. We need  _______
           to understand it.
07/31/98   Ray Moore. Exodus 2000. Christians need to get their        _______
           children out of public schools before we lose an entire  

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