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07-01-99 Charlie Wysong. The continuing importance of the Ten _______ Commandments. 07-01-99 George Humphrey. A common sense introduction to the New ______@ World Order. 07-02-99 Gary Webb. Author,"Dark Alliance." Former reporter tells _______ what happened when he exposed the CIA's connection with drugs.(TOM) 07-02-99 B.K. Eakman. Author, "Cloning of The American Mind." How _______ the education system is altering the perception of future generations-and not for the better. 07-05-99 Cathy Mickels. Author, "Spiritual Junk Food." The dumbing _______ down of Christian youth. The secular world-view is infiltrating church youth groups. Yours? 07-05-99 Jean Duffy. The CIA, drugs, George Bush, and Oliver North._______ 07-05-99 Jack Samuels. NO MSG. Why you should be concerned about _______ this food additive. 07-06-99 Dr. Cathy Burns. Author, "A Scriptural View of Hell." _______ 07-06-99 William Dorich. Kosovo - what happened and what didn't. _______ 07-07-99 Dr. James Hirsen. The Constitution. Adds to the previous _______ tapes in the series. 07-08-99 Janet Miles. The fall of South Africa from peace & _______ prosperity to violence & fear. 07-09-99 Steve Quayle. Why you should be making preparations for _______ Y2K. 07-09-99 Steve Quayle. The growing danger from biological warfare- _______ foreign & domestic. 07-13-99 Boyd Graves. The search for the origin of the HIV virus ______@ that changed his life. 07-14-99 Dr. Gerald Atkinson. How feminism is destroying morale in _______ the military. 07-15-99 Larry Pratt. Gun Owners of America. Legislation _______ restricting gun ownership. 07-15-99 Craig Roberts. The fate of the men that were left behind ______@ in POW camps. 07-16-99 Rodney Stich. "An evening with ..." focusing primarily on______@ the CIA and drugs. 07-19-99 Michael Ruppert. Further evidence of the relationship _______ between the CIA and drugs. 07-19-99 Don Scott. Researching the origin of the HIV virus and ______@ other new diseases. 07-20-99 Gary Shannon. The effect of Prozac, Ritalin, and other ______@ mood altering drugs. 07-21-99 Samuel Blumenfeld. The influence of Prof. Carroll Quigley,_______ author of "Tragedy and Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment" on American politics. 07-21-99 Leslie Alexander. The infiltration of our churches with _______ Luciferian ideas. 07-23-99 Joyce Riley. Government report on use of various _______ mechanisms for population control.(TOM) 07-23-99 Ron Wilson, Atlantic Bullion & Coin, Inc. The importance ______@ of getting your finances in order, especially at this time with the approach of Y2K. 07-26-99 Kent Hovind. Why there is no scientific evidence for the _______ theory of evolution. 07-26-99 Pastor Glennon Culwell. The civic responsibility of ______@ Christians to be involved. 07-27-99 Leslie Alexander. The infiltration of communist ideas into_______ evangelical churches. 07-28-99 Texe Marrs. The threat of coming famines. How they will be_______ orchestrated. 07-28-99 Gus Stelzer. An update on the dangers and pitfalls of ______@ NAFTA and WTO/GATT. 07-29-99 Floy Lilley. The deceptive nature of environmental _______ education in our schools. 07-29-99 Dr. Antony Sutton. Author, "Wall Street & The Rise of _______ Hitler." The financing of Communism.(TOM) 07-29-99 Dr. John Martin. The discovery of viteria (the combination_______ of bacteria and viruses) and the new diseases they are causing. Can we stop them? 07-30-99 Wayne Madsen. NSA:Watching the American people. (TOM) _______ 07-30-99 Bill Benson. Was the 16th Amendment ever ratified? Is the ______@ income tax legal?

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