June 1997 Tapes Available
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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
06/04/97   Charles Mason Weaver. Author,"It's OK to Leave the          _______
           Plantation". A Successful Black Man Says it Isn't The Color 
           of Your Skin That Holds You Back.
06/04/97   Pat Matrisciana. "The 60 Minutes Deception". The Story of   _______
           How 60 Minutes Twisted the Evidence on the Death of Vince 
           Foster. Features Chris Ruddy.
06/06/97  *Terry James. Editor of "Foreshocks of Antichrist". 14       _______
           Internationally Known Prophecy Experts Share Their Visions 
           of God's Prophetic Plan.
06/09/97   Joyce Riley. Update on the Issue of The Gulf War Syndrome.  _______
06/10/97   Dr. Larry Goss. A Civilian Doctor Who Contracted the Gulf   _______
           War Syndrome From a Gulf War Veteran Patient. He, in turn, 
           Passed it on to His Family.
06/11/97   Karen Bixman. Evidence That Those Concentraion Camps Are    _______
           Being Set Up. 
06/12/97   Craig Roberts. Talking About His Books, "The Medusa File"   _______
           and "Kill Zone".  
06/12/97   Angie Carlson. Co-Founder of "Data Source". Multi-subject   _______
           Program on Facts About Rwanda, China, Uganda. How we Are 
           Being Lied to by The "Disinformation System".    (2 hrs)
06/16/97   Col. Tom McKenney. Talking About the Part he Played in the  _______
           Bobby Garwood Story as related in "Spite House", How he Feels 
           About it, And How the Military Betrayed Them Both.
06/17/97   John Wheeler. Author,"The Two-Minute Warning". The Signs of _______
           the Times Warned About by The Bible - Are They Upon Us?
06/18/97   Karen Holgate.  Education Legislation That we Are Not Being _______
           Told About.
06/19/97   Michael Horowitz. The Upcoming (11/16/97) International Day _______
           of Prayer On Behalf of Oppressed Christians Around the World. 
           (see tape 06/30/97)
06/20/97   Elizabeth Liagin. Talking About Population Control and Her  _______
           Excellent Web Site - africa2000. 
06/23/97   Andrew Gause. The Secret World of Money. Hear The Story of  _______
           His Silver Certificate and How it Sent Him on a Fascinating Search 
           Through the History of Money, "From its Value to its Devalue".
06/24/97   Ken Boheme. His Fight Against the Legal Services Corporation_______
           The Wrong Causes They Champion, and Why They Cost You a Lot 
           of Money.
06/25/97   Norio Hayakawa. Member of The Civilian Intelligence Network._______
           Subject Matter Includes Covert Activities in the USA, The 
           Move to Desensitize Americans to the "Alien Presence" via TV, 
           etc, and Area 51. Also, His Video,"Dreamland".
06/25/97   Carl Lawrence. Author of "The Church in China" Turns his    _______
           Attention to Rwanda. A Personal Account of His Time in That 
           Tragic Country and What is Happening There. So Well Documented 
           in His Book. "Rwanda - A Walk Through Darkness ... into Light".
06/26/97   Prof. S.S. Penner. Expert on Energy. Its Sources, Why We    _______
           Will Continue to Need it, and Why it is Called "The Forgotten 
06/30/97   Paul Marshall. Author,"Their Blood Cries Out". The  Story of_______
           How Christians Around the World Are Being Jailed, Tortured, 
           and Killed for Their Faith - Because They Dare to Stand Up For it. 			

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