June 1998 Tapes Available
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* Host - Dave Wilson #Host - Joan Peros +Host - Barry Norris
  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
06/01/98   Rayelan Russbacher. The duplicity of the CIA. The           _______
           'infamous' German gold treasure to be used to back the 
           new Euro-currency. 2 Tapes
06/03/98   Floy Lilley. The significance of the International          _______
           Criminal Court.
06/03/98   Rodney Stich. Secret CIA Operations.	2 Tapes		       _______
06/04/98  *Dr. Tim LaHaye. Talking about his book,"Faith of Our        _______
           Founding Fathers".	
06/05/98   Cliff Kincaid. Author "Global Bondage". His topic today:    _______
           Genocide in Rwanda.
06/05/98   James Tucker.  The Bildebergers. The secret organization    _______
           that runs the world.	
06/08/98   Cathy Fosmark. Sustainable Development vs. the Monterey Bay _______
           fishing industry.
06/09/98   Rose Morgan. The Secret World of Gold. 2 Tapes	       _______
06/12/98   Col. Ron Ray. Y2K  and America's drift toward Socialism.    _______
06/15/98   Dr. Eugene Schroder. The War Powers Act. How this           _______
           legislation of 1933 dramatically paved the way for the 
           current Executive Orders.
06/15/98   LingLing Yeh. Former immigration advocate talks on the      _______
           danger of open and unlimited immigration.
06/17/98   Mark Morano. Are organically grown foods as good for you as _______
           they say? 
06/17/98   Beth Ballinger. Founder of the Noah Webster Foundation and  _______
           master at orating stories from America's history. Tonight 
           she tells stories of George Washington that you may have 
           never heard before. Great for teaching children.
06/18/98  #Joan Veon. The Bank for International Settlements:Is it just_______
           financial or is there a spiritual element to the world 
           financial situation?
06/18/98   Jane Graham. Worker at the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City._______
           What she saw that has never been reported by the traditional 
           media.  2 Tapes
06/19/98   Bob Papovich. Co-author with James Nichols,"Freedom's End:  _______
           Conspiracy in Oklahoma". Friend of Timothy McVeigh talks 
           about the trial, the events surrounding the bombing, and 
           McVeigh's status today.  2 Tapes
06/22/98   Tom Jipping. Free Congress Foundation. Corruption in our    _______
06/22/98   Chuck Carlson. "We Hold These Truths". The Freedom from     _______
           Religious Persecution Act.
06/23/98   Janine Hansen. Freedom from Religious Persecution Act. 2 hrs_______
06/24/98   Tonnia Yeakey. The strange death of her husband - the first _______
           law enforcement officer on the scene of the Oklahoma City 
           Bombing. 2 Tapes
06/25/98  *Tom DeWeese. American Policy Center. Why the Right continues_______
           to lose.
06/26/98   Vaughn Shatzer. The New World Disorder.	               _______
06/26/98   Herman Bly. Author,"Communisn, the Cold War,  & The FBI".   _______
06/26/98   Dr. Barry Norris. Observations from his recent visit to     _______
           Hong Kong.	
06/29/98   Dr. Mark Andrews. The background of Y2K. Don't be caught    _______
06/29/98   J. Edward Griffin. Author,"Creature from Jekyll Island". The_______
           origin of WWI.
06/30/98   Craig Roberts. The Oklahoma City Bombing & the strange death_______
           of Sgt.Yeakey.
06/30/98   Craig Roberts. Abandoned POWs, MKULTRA, and CIA mind control_______

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