June 1999 Tapes Available
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Guest Host - *Dave Wilson
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06-01-99 Larry Nichols. Don't think you're safe if you don't speak _______ out. 06-02-99 Jack McLamb. Former policeman. Growing revolutionary ______@ movement in the U.S. 06-03-99 Berit Kjos. Author, Brave New Schools. The Governor's _______ School in Arkansas. 06-03-99 Peter Kershaw. Romans 13 today. The church and 501C3. ______@ 06-07-99 Michael Ruppert. The relationship between drug trafficking______@ and the CIA. 06-08-99 Terry Cook. Author Big Brother NSA and its ______@ Little Brothers. How the National Security Agency uses various agencies and methods to spy on people. 06-09-99 Gary Kah. Author, The New World Religion. Spiritual roots _______ of Global Government.(TOM) 06-09-99 Bob Bemer. COBOL programmer. The untold story of Y2K. _______ 06-10-99 Kathryn Austin Fitts. Corruption within HUD. How they _______ target neighborhoods. 06-11-99 Henry Lamb. From the Global Climate Conference in Bonn, _______ Germany. 06-14-99 Dr. Paul Lindstrom. Christian Liberty School. Benefits of _______ home schooling. 06-15-99 Dr. Ron Zimmerman. Facts on dangers from nuclear power. _______ Chernobyl. 06-15-99 Claudia O'Flynn. Use of behavior-modifying drugs in _______ schools. The dangers. 06-16-99 Cdr. Gerald Atkinson. Women in the Military. The _______ implications for America. 06-16-99 Cathy Mickels. Co-author, Spiritual Junk Food. How secular_______ and anti-biblical philosophies are infiltrating and being taught in church youth groups. 06-17-99 Dr. Michael Coffman. New Executive Orders promoting the _______ "greening" of government. 06-17-99 Dr. James Hirsen. Further lessons in The Constitution of _______ the United States. 06-18-99 Dennis Bennett. Saving slaves in the Sudan. Who are they? _______ 06-21-99 Dr. John Willke. Int'l Right to Life Federation. The _______ slippery slope from "assisted suicide" to involuntary euthanasia.(TOM) 06-21-99 Norman Solomon. Author, Habits of the Highly Deceptive _______ Media. 06-21-99 Cathy Fosmark. The truth about the "dwindling" fish _______ population. 06-23-99 Dr. Miguel Faria. Disarming the populace. What happened in_______ other countries. Will the same thing happen in America? 06-23-99 Ellen Gunderson Traylor. Author, The Priest. Thought- _______ provoking story and exciting thoughts surrounding the new Temple in Jerusalem foretold in the Bible. (TOM) 06-24-99 Holly Swanson. Author, Set Up and Sold Out. The history of_______ the Green Movement and its influence on our culture. 06-24-99 Dr. James Hirsen. The Constitution, Article I explained. _______ A great teaching tape. 06-24-99 Mike Fox. From the Hanford Nuclear Power Plant. Is nuclear_______ waste a problem? 06-25-99 Dr. Judith Reisman. Author, Kinsey:Crime and Consequences._______ How one man set in motion the destruction of the morality of a nation. 06-25-99 Joan Veon. On The Financial Stability Forum. Will The _______ World Central Bank control our currency? Find out what is planned behind our backs. 06-30-99 Ken Klein. Producer, video, The Millennium Bug. An update _______ on Y2K. (TOM)

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