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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
03/03/97   Henry Lamb - Reporting from the Climate Conference.         _______
03/03/97   Ken Larson - Talking About Executive Orders & The War       _______
           Powers Act.		
03/04/97   Jim Johnson - Coming Out of the Homosexual Lifestyle is     _______
03/05/97   Robert Sirico - Doing Away With the Welfare System.	       _______
03/05/97   Jan Carroll - Medical Cost Cutting and the Risk to Human    _______
           Life. (2 hrs)		
03/06/97   Dr. Dunnigan - Relates His Attendance at and the Content of _______
           a Talk by Dr. Day (who became head of Planned Parenthood) 
           Outlining the Plan They Had as Long as 28 Years Ago to 
           Limit & Decrease Population.
03/07/97   Karen Bixman.Those Internment Camps May Very Well be Real   _______
           After All.
03/07/97   Orlene Koehle, Teacher - We Feel so Good About Ourselves,   _______
           But we Can't Add! How Our Education System Has Been Perverted.  
           (2 hrs)  Touches on Project 10 and Other Problems.  
03/10/97   Attorney,Kent Masterson Brown - Medicaid in PA. What Happens_______ 
           When the State Takes Over the Schools and the Care of Your Children.
03/08/97   Peter Buxtun - The Journalist Who Broke the Story in 1972   _______
           Talks About The Tuskegee Study that Destroyed the Lives of 
           400 Black Men and Their Families.
03/12/97   Steven Mosier, The Population Research Institute. Population_______
03/13/97   Dave Riddell - The Gulf War Syndrome.  		       _______
03/13/97   Randon Bragdon DDS. What Happened When a Dentist Tried to do_______ 
           "The Right Thing" in Treatment for an HIV-Positive Patient.
03/14/96   Steven Jacobson - Mind Control. How Easy is it to Achieve?  _______
03/14/97   Harry Martin, Editor of The Napa Sentinel. What You Didn't  _______
           Hear About the Polly Klaas Story, and Other Things That 
           Newspapermen are Privy To.
03/17/97  *Grant Jeffrey, Author "The Signature of God". A Repeat      _______
           Interview with Grant, but From a Slightly Different Perspective. 
           Well Worth Hearing Again. 
03/17/97   Holly Swanson, "Set Up and Sold Out". What the Green (Party)_______
           Really Means and is All About. (2 hrs)
03/18/97   Jean Poulos, PhD. Jean Returns to Talk Further on Nutrition._______
           A Change of Pace for Radio Liberty, but an Excellent Resource 
           for Those 	Interested in Their Health.  (2 hrs)
03/20/97   Brigid McMenamin, Forbes Magazine. Talking on the Great     _______
03/21/97  &Scott Ray, Talbott Theological School. "Brave New Families" _______
           Talking About the Implications of Cloning on the Human Race.
03/24/97   Dr. Paul Lindstrom. Guess What Constitutes a Violation of a _______
           U.N. Embargo?	
03/24/97   Bob Fletcher, World News Insight. Government Involvement in _______
03/24/97   Bob Fletcher. Weather Control. Can They Really Do It?       _______
03/27/97   Luba Brezhneva, "The World I Left Behind". Luba Talks About _______
           her Uncle, Leonid Brezhnev, but Most of All the Glory That 
           Was Russia and What America Needs to Learn.
03/31/97   Terry Graham - Bilingual Education and Ebonics. A Disaster  _______
           for Everyone.		

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