March 1998 Tapes Available
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* Host - Dave Wilson ^ Host - Dick Tennesen #Host - Joan Peros +Host - Barry Norris
  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    

03/02/98   Jack McLamb.  The Move to Disarm America.                   _______
03/03/98   Paul & Lorraine Walter. Discussing the book "The Coming     _______
           Battle" They have republished this 1898 book which outlined 
           even then the coming control of society by the big banks.
03/04/98   Dr. Eugene Schroeder. The history of the War Powers Act and _______
           how it influences the issuing of Executive Orders today.
03/05/98  #Joan Veon.  Talking about the latest World Financial Summit _______
           - from the viewpoint of someone who publishes a financial 
03/05/98   Linda Wiegand. A courageous mother's story of her nightmare_______
           that began when her husband abducted her children and exposed 
           them to a cult. Why were the local authorities unwilling to help 
           her?    2 Tapes
03/06/98   Cliff Kincaid. Author, "Global Bondage". The United Nations_______
           - economic, social, and political - from a journalist's point 
           of view.
03/09/98   Angie Carlson. The toll being taken on Africa by AIDS and  _______
           other diseases. The implications of biological warfare and the 
           Millenium Bug.
03/09/98   Doc DeLaughter. An Arkansas policeman who exposed          _______
           dishonesty in the Clinton Administration and the retaliation 
           against him.
03/10/98   Dr. William Deagle. Living Wills, Durable Power of Attorney_______
           forms, HMOs, euthanasia and "death with dignity".  2 Tapes
03/12/98   Ken Klein. Ninety minutes with Ken talking about the Y2K   _______
           problem, followed by 30 minutes with Dennis Christie on the 
           same topic.  2 Tapes
03/13/98   John Cones. A fascinating inside look at Hollywood and the _______
           movie industry; the difficulty of breaking into the industry 
           without the right connections.
03/16/98   Karen Anderson. New information regarding what's happening _______
           in the general breakdown of the education system. 
03/17/98   Dr. Bud Goltry. The problems with HMOs and managed care    _______
03/19/98   Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber. World-renowned psychiatrist    _______
           talks about her experiences treating victims of ritual satanic 
           and sexual abuse.
03/25/98  ^Joseph Andrews. President of the Center for Teaching the   _______
           Constitution. Joseph teaches students from the documents 
           themselves - The Federalist Papers, Common Sense, The 
           Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, etc. 			 
03/26/98  #Ben Gilmore. Discussing the Religious Freedom Amendment and_______
           why we need to be careful about endorsing it. Also his ACH Study 
           Groups - an intensive weekend course that teaches American 
           History and the importance of understanding America's founding 
03/31/98   Susan Madori. Discussing the Freedom from Religious        _______
           Persecution Act. Why you need to get a copy and read it very 
           carefully. What sounds so good on the surface could prove a 
           disaster for the freedom of religion in America.

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