March 1999 Tapes Available
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Guest Host - *Dave Wilson
  Date                          Program/Topic                       Quantity    
03-01-99   Balint Vazsonyi. Call Liberalism by its real name         _______
           - Socialism.			
03-02-99  *Marlin Maddoux.  Author, "The Seal of Gaia". A novel of   _______
           the Antichrist.
03-02-99   Dr. Mark Andrews. Updating his information on Y2K.        ______@
03-03-99   Gary Aldrich. Author, "Unlimited Access". Some insights   _______
           into Washington today.
03-04-99   Beverly Eakman. Author,"Cloning of the American Mind".    _______
           Children are being used to alter the future of society and 
           "spy" on their parents.(TOM)
03-05-99   Dr. Roberts. Is there a connection between Aspartame and  _______
           Alzheimer's disease?
03-05-99   Melanie Elsey. Eagle Forum of Ohio. Subverting the        ______@
           morality of America using "health education" in schools.
03-09-99  *Rabbi Daniel Lapin. America's real war - division. Jews   _______
           and Christians must stand together to preserve our mutual 
           inheritances in God.
03-10-99   Dr. James Jones. Author,"Kinsey". How Alfred Kinsey       _______
           forever altered the morals of America. Learn the background 
           behind his "statistics".
03-11-99   Dr. Dennis Cuddy. Author, "Secret Records Revealed". The  _______ 
           men, the money, and the methods behind the New World Order.
03-11-99   Dr. James Hirsen. Author, "The Coming Collision" and      ______@
           "Government by Decree". Discussing the significance of 
           Executive Orders and our freedom.
03-12-99   Jeff Nyquist. Author, "Origins of the Fourth World War".  ______@
           This war may be fought more culturally than militarily.
03-15-99   Henry Lamb. The agenda behind environmentalism.           _______
03-15-99   Bob Fletcher. Is it possible to manipulate the weather?   _______
           Are they doing it? 
03-16-99  *Dean Gotcher. How education is molding society. Hear how  _______
           they teach compromising of ideals to "maintain social harmony" 
           and how they base reality on collective thinking. Clearly and 
           concisely presented. (TOM)
03-16-99   Larry Nichols. Clinton, Starr, the China betrayal, and    ______@
           Vince Foster.
03-17-99   Alex Jones. Are the military "exercises" preparing the    ______@
           troops for more than controlling foreign uprisings?
03-18-99   Orlene Koehle. Sit in for "an evening with" as Stan &     ______@
           Orlene discuss Y2K,	Sustainable Development, Education, 
           and other current issues.
03-19-99   Pastor Thomas Horn. Author, "The Gods That Walk Among Us"._______ 
           The end-time revival of paganism and the increase in 
           idolatry. (TOM)
03-22-99   Jeannie Soderman. Sustainable Development.                _______
03-23-99   Don Boys. Author, "Y2K". How to survive and possibly      ______@
           thrive during this time.
03-25-99   Joyce Riley. Anthrax vaccines, Hepatitis A, Mycoplasms.   _______
           Are you at risk? (TOM)
03-29-99   Dr. Erwin Lutzer. Why the cross can do what politics can't_______
03-30-99   Ken Klein. Y2K. Some things you can do to minimize the    ______@
03-31-99   Marie Gunther.  Regional Government.                      _______
03-31-99   Marie Gunther. What one woman is doing to prepare her     _______
           community for Y2K.

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