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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
05/02/97   James Wardner-Author,"Unholy Alliances". The Occultic       _______
           Collusion Between the Church,The Gov't & The U.N. to Promote 
           the New World Order.
05/02/97   Berit Kjos - The New Movement Toward Volunteerism. Why You  _______
           Will Need "Special Training".
05/05/97   Dean Mosher & Dr. Burzynski. There is a Cure For Cancer     _______
           That is Being Blocked. Why?
05/06/97   Dr. Myron Mehlman - A Leading Toxicologist Talks About the  _______
           Dangers of MTBEs.
05/07/97   Carolyn Steinke: The Destructive Nature of the Careers Bill._______
           (2 hrs)
05/13/97   Cliff Kincaid. The Chemical Warfare Treaty and its Effects  _______
           on America.	
05/13/97   Craig Roberts. Author,"The Medusa File". The Tim McVeigh    _______
           Trial. Has the Government Built a Foolproof Case Against Him?
05/13/97   Craig Roberts - Talking About the JFK Assassination. Also,  _______
           What Happens When You Write & Publish a Book, But Can't Get 
           it Past the Distributors.
05/15/97   Ed Decker. Author,"The Dark Side of Freemasonry". Talking   _______
           About the True Nature of Masonry - Some Things That Even 
           Masons Don't Understand.
05/16/97   Cary Savitch,M.D. Author,"The Nutcracker is Already         _______
           Dancing." A Practicing Physician Caring for AIDS Patients Talks 
           About the Need for a Logical Approach to This Tragic Epidemic.(2 hrs)
05/19/97   Marie Gunther. The Long Beach Protest Over the Lease of the _______
           Long Beach Naval Station to COSCO - Giving China a Foot In 
           the American Door. (2 hrs)
05/20/97   Howard Phillips.U.S. Taxpayers Party. The Need for a        _______
           "Second" Political Party. 
05/21/97   Pastor Rob Roberson. An Update on His "Child-Abuse Case".   _______
05/22/97   Dr. Stan Talking About  Republics vs. Democracies.	       _______
05/22/97   Taped:John Loeffler & John McManus.The U.N. and The Move    _______
           Toward the NWO.
05/22/97   Dr. Fred Schwarz.Author,"Beating the Unbeatable Foe". The   _______
           History and Philosophy of Communism From Someone Who Has 
           Devoted His Life to Studying and Fighting It.  (2 hrs)
05/26/97   Ralph Epperson. Author. Talking About Carroll Quigley, Bill _______
           Clinton, and The New World Order. Also, His Overview of "Morals 
           & Dogma" (2 hrs) 
05/27/97   Jim Hughes. Christian Life Canada. The Abortion Movement in _______
05/28/97  ^Rich Tatum. "Webmaster"  Integrity & The Internet.	       _______
05/28/97   Bill Schnoebelen. Author,"Masonry:Beyond the Light" and     _______
           "Space Invaders". Discussing the Basis For These Books - 
           Masonry and U.F.O.s  (2 hrs)
05/29/97   Robert Klous. Creator of The Christian Directory. An        _______
           Invaluable Directory of All the Christian Resources.  
           First 20 min. Ted Gunderson - The Oklahoma City Bombing. What 
           The Jury  Didn't Hear at the Trial. Remaining 40 min.
05/29/97   Ted Gunderson. Child Abduction Rings in the U.S. A Shocking _______
05/30/97   Peter Paul. Advocate and Publisher of "Veritas". A Young    _______
           Sailor is Imprisoned After Defending Himself Against a 
           Homosexual Attack Which Unfortunately Cost His Attacker His Life.

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