May 1998 Tapes Available
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  Date                   	Program/Topic                         Quantity    
05/01/98  *Jim Black. Author,"When Nations Die". An analysis of how    _______
           great ancient civilizations died. How America parallels those 
           civilizations today.
05/04/98   Gen. Ben Partin. New information on the Oklahoma City       _______
           bombing, and new evidence that points to a missile that downed 
           TWA Flight 800.
05/05/98  *Peter Lalonde. Author & prophecy expert talks about his     _______
           video "Apocalypse" which shows vividly how events could unfold 
           in the end times. 
05/05/98   John Daniel. Author, "Scarlet and The Beast". A three-volume_______
           expose of Masonic control of the world. 2 Tapes
05/07/98   Joyce Riley. Latest developments in treatment of the Gulf   _______
           War Syndrome. 
05/08/98   Dr. Mary Ruth Swope. Known as "the barley green lady".      _______
           Advice on nutrition.	
05/11/98   Texe Marrs. "Living Truth Ministries". The occult influence _______
           in America.	
05/12/98   Dr. Len Horowitz. Author, "Emerging Viruses". The story of  _______
           the Nazi/American corporate connections - working on eugenics, 
           toxins, etc. 2 Tapes
05/13/98   Don McAlvany. The Y2K problem. Judgement on America coming  _______
05/14/98   Dr. Larry Goss. Gulf War Syndrome. Studies show that        _______
           military personnel was probably injected with squalene, an 
           experimental drug.
05/18/98   Ray Peyton.  Population control. The significance of Y2K in _______
           the light of prophecy.
05/18/98   Ray Peyton. International relationships in the light of     _______
           the year 2000. The influence of the banking institution on 
           world issues.
05/19/98  *Dave Hunt. Author,"The Occult Invasion". How America is     _______
05/19/98   Dr.Mark Andrews. A doctor who set out to disprove Y2K tells _______
           you what he has found. Great common sense advice on how to 
           prepare. 2 Tapes
05/20/98   Paul Fisher. Author,"Behind the Lodge Door". Masonic control_______
           of the American government and court system. 2 Tapes
05/22/98   Terry Reed. Author,"Compromised". An expose of the CIA and  _______
           drug smuggling.
05/22/98   Brad Phillips. The story of America's financing of the      _______
           military action in Zaire, Rwanda, and Uganda.
05/26/98   Dr. Michael Coffman. Use of environmental issues to gain    _______
           control over Americans.
05/26/98   Ret. Maj. Fritz Meyer. An eyewitness report of the downing  _______
           of TWA Flight 800.
05/27/98   Dr. Shirley Correll. The very real crisis in American       _______
05/27/98   Anne & Valerie. If you are "losing control" of your teenager_______
           and need some solid advice, this tape is a must. How one mother 
           acted in time and saved her daughter from the fate of so many other 
           teenagers.Gives phone #s,etc.
05/28/98  *John Chalfant. Author,"Abandonment Theology". How the clergy_______
           in America is failing its parishioners.
05/29/98   Cdr. Wm. Donaldson. His investigation of the downing of TWA _______
           Flight 800. A great companion tape to that of Maj. Fritz 
           Meyer from 05/26/98.
05/29/98   Dr. Paul Lindstrom. Educator/missionary. The church in      _______
           America may suffer persecution. Insights on the church in 
           Iran and Iraq.
05/29/98   Dr.. Paul Lindstrom. Abandonment of POWs and MIAs in Korea, _______
           Vietnam, etc.   

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